Friday, July 16, 2010

A tale of two meetings.

Two different kinds of meetings happened in the National capital in the last couple of days. One was the meeting of the federal cabinet and the other was the 130th corp. commander meeting. There is a subtle difference between these two meetings. Let's see if you can pick it up.

did you notice something? ... no? Okay, let me help you:

Can someone tell me what exactly the fuck is that military guy doing in the highest level meeting of the civilian leaders of Pakistan? And why isn't there a 'civilian aide' sitting behind Kiyani, listening in on the proceedings of the OH SO IMPOHRTUNT corp. commanders' meeting?

Is this to provide "security for the prime minister"? Whatever happened to a simple, civilian seargeant at arms? or a civilian Federal Police Officer? Why is a high level military officer joined at the hip with the Prime Minister of Pakistan 24 fucking 7 ?

Our country is being overtaken by foreign powers, and these fuckers are still playing the same old fucking games, completely obvlivious to what's happening around them. And why not? when the shit hits the fan, these bastards will get in their planes and leave for their houses in the richest most affluent neightbourhoods in the west.

Allah Allah, Khair Salla!

So much for "making progress" ...

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Asim Jaan said...

Hi Tab'an khamosh,

Liked your article pointing out presence of military personnel in civilian meetings.

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