Saturday, July 31, 2010

The "Diggri Ishuu"

Yes. That shit still drags on. Kashif Abbasi did yet another show on the same thing and the same people came out to play and said the same kind of things. Umair over at Recycled Thought put forth some theses that feature Abid Sher Ali as the central figure (paraphrasing) of this "fuck up" (or "stroke of genius") .

I think there is another option which has been overlooked by pundits of the blogging (and non-blogging) kind, and I think it goes as follows:


As I mentioned in a comment on the post linked above, my pet theory is that this was a ploy by NS to precipitate mid-term elections. Getting a large number of MP's disqualified in one go including his own would trigger mid-term polls, without getting the blame for "rocking the boat" as it were.

Long drawn out version:

I haven't looked into the rules as to what percentage would trigger such an event. But there might be an obscure rule in the playbook of the Pakistan Election Commission which they were hoping to use to move a court or some such (through proxies of course) to order an midterm election.

Why mid-term elections? because then they can openly put forth candidates in all constituencies against PPP-P candidates.

I think the way they played it, it would seem like they were the un-intended victims of their own overzealous adherence to "parliamentary" procedure and even though they had a large number of MP's affected, they decided to 'go back to the people'. Since they can't afford to boycott the parliament outright and take the blame for "destabilizing democracy", they went the way of the "smart suicide bumbaar".

This also explains the 'apparent' (slight) schism between the provincial and federal leaderships (or at least cadres) of PML-N which became evident during the Punjab Assembly motion against the media and Nawaz Sharif's immediate, almost pre-rehearsed reaction afterwards.

So, in my view, it is simple. They wanted mid-term elections but without having it look like they were the cause of it so they let their boy Abid Sher Ali "go at it", Nawaz Sharif cheering him on all the while to "stay loyal to the democratic principles" etc. The "expected" end result was that either the court or the election commission would have to declare by-elections, and they would score points based on the fact that they eliminated the 'black sheep' while Peoples Party fought it using dirty ploys to weasel out of having their members disqualified.

It remains to be seen whether this strategy would work. I doubt this was a "stupid mistake" by Abid Sher Ali. I think the whole thing was pre-planned with a specific effect and end goal in mind and I don't think it was "the establishment" which instigated this though they may also be the un-intended beneficiaries of the fallout.

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Afghanistan War logs

A huge cache of secret US military files today provides a devastating portrait of the failing war in Afghanistan, revealing how coalition forces have killed hundreds of civilians in unreported incidents, Taliban attacks have soared and Nato commanders fear neighbouring Pakistan and Iran are fuelling the insurgency.

The disclosures come from more than 90,000 records of incidents and intelligence reports about the conflict obtained by the whistleblowers' website Wikileaks in one of the biggest leaks in US military history.

The war logs also detail:

• How a secret "black" unit of special forces hunts down Taliban leaders for "kill or capture" without trial.

• How the US covered up evidence that the Taliban have acquired deadly surface-to-air missiles.

• How the coalition is increasingly using deadly Reaper drones to hunt and kill Taliban targets by remote control from a base in Nevada.

• How the Taliban have caused growing carnage with a massive escalation of its roadside bombing campaign, which has killed more than 2,000 civilians to date.

And of course the ISI gets its share of "leaked" blame.

"Anti-Communist Program in East Pakistan"

This propaganda plan, that was translated into the rhetoric of the "religious parties" will ring a painful bell with those who've had to endure the BS spouted by the likes of JI and Zia'ists and their jihadi demon spawns who fought America's wars in the 80's against the Soviets using propaganada that issued from an equally Anti-Muslim source, the United States.

PURPOSE: To destroy Communist influence and develop a positive (counter) program based on the new national ideals of Pakistan. ... Collaboration between the USIS and the Government of East Bengal is to be kept secret. To this end every attempt will be made to keep knowledge of the program confined to the three officers of the American Consulate and the three officers of the Government of East Bengal whose concerted effort is necesssary to the formulation of plans and policies.

OPERATIONAL THEMES: ... To link communism with imperialism by demonstrating that the original meaning of the word is being used as a cloak for planned conquest. ... To show the communists as anti-God and therefore a threat to the continued existence of the Muslim world as a free and independent religio-political entity. ... To promote the Islamic socio-economic concept under which there will be freedom and dignity for the individual and which will provide for the elimination of economic disparities and inequities. Coordinated Program for Combatting Communism in East Bengal, Aug. 7, 1951

Developments in Iran and Egypt are seriously affecting Pakistan popular position reference United States and we should now expect period of critical attitudes. This change may imperil parts of information program. Clearly any revelation of my private understanding with top GOP officials will create greatest embarrassment to them. ... View GOP changing position it is most imperative that all discussion be halted bringing GOEB personnel to Washington for discussion this highly delicate operation. If information officer GOEB is later sent to US as Leader Specialist, he should be given leader itinerary treatment and should not repeat not be consulted about policy matters affecting cooperation East Pakistan. We must assume he does not know of my overall understanding. Secret Telegram from Karachi Embassy, Nov. 5, 1951

More here at Paul Wolf's page on "Pakistan: Partition and Military Succession"

Saturday, July 17, 2010

Who's gonna save my soul now?

Maududi's books banned in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, seeing what Pakistan is facing teetring on the edge of the abyss, has decided to ban the intellectual poison spewed by a party that calls itself "the Party of Islam" aka Jamat-e Islami.

From BBC, "Bangladesh bans books written by radical Islamic Scholar" (anyone know which madrassah he went to?) :
The Bangladeshi government has ordered mosques and libraries across the country to remove all books written by a controversial Islamic scholar.

The chief of the government-funded Islamic Foundation told the BBC that the books by Syed Abul Ala Maududi encouraged "militancy and terrorism".

You think?

Pakistani society however, has neither the guts, nor the historcial perspective to shutdown these merchants of death and anarchy. These very same merchants of death who once called Pakistan, "Na-Pakistan", and who within a few years became the "asli tay waDDay thekay-Dars of not only Islam but of Pakistan"... And we suffer under their treachery to this day.

There is an elephant sitting in Pakistan's proverbial drawing room half demolished by terrorists and their heinous blasts, and that is this so called "religious party" which is providing moral, logistical and intellectual (now cyber) support to the terrorist groups.

JI has a shamefully sordid history of supporting fascist, violent actions against the interests of the People of Pakistan. From sanctifying rapes of fellow East Pakistani women "captured" by the "army of truth" to being the overt shock troops of America for the filthy geopolitical wars conducted by America and it's Western gang of theives.

Even today, JI is supporting the terrorist actions and is acting as the PR cell and logistics cell of the terrorists networks operating within the country. It is quite obvious who, ultimately, will recieve benefits from these violent terrorist and anarchist actions being taken against the innocent People of Pakistan, and that is foreign powers who are hellbent on making Pakistan their permanent base of operations in the "new cold war"...

Once again the Islamo Mercenaries of Jamat Islami, it's fascist student wing and it's very organized cyber supporters are acting on behalf of foreign powers, destroying Pakistan, one of the few remaining bastions of Muslim power at the behest of their foreign masters, all the while crying themselves hoarse about Islam and Islami nizam (and murdering and intimidating those who dare to so much as even raise a verbal protest against their patently un-islamic actions)

This action by Bangladesh is certainly a response to what the whole world sees happening in Pakistan. The destruction, implosion and eventual takeover of the state by "Jihadi Proxies". Proxies whose strings will be pulled, via Saudi extremist regimes (themselves complete puppets of the west), to control Pakistan through extreme repression (in the name of Islam of course, modeled after the Saudi State Repression methods) and to execute the wishes of the thieving (but quickly aging west -- hence all the robots) .

Once again Pakistan will be used as a pawn, and once again the western "assets" in Pakistan, namely the kleptocratic elite, the army and most importantly, the "religious/islamic parties" will be used to enslave and subjugate the people of Pakistan, this time for another half century for fulfillment of the geo-political goals of the western powers.

India may have gained independence in 1947, but we have not lived for a minute but under the yoke of neo-colonialism. We became neo-slaves on 14th of August 1947. This is precisely why Maududi moved from India (which had a larger Muslim population and needed more "religious party support") to "Pak"-isthan. Because that is where the british wanted their most valuable asset, their fifth columnists, to be.

Friday, July 16, 2010

! دم گٹکو

A tale of two meetings.

Two different kinds of meetings happened in the National capital in the last couple of days. One was the meeting of the federal cabinet and the other was the 130th corp. commander meeting. There is a subtle difference between these two meetings. Let's see if you can pick it up.

did you notice something? ... no? Okay, let me help you:

Can someone tell me what exactly the fuck is that military guy doing in the highest level meeting of the civilian leaders of Pakistan? And why isn't there a 'civilian aide' sitting behind Kiyani, listening in on the proceedings of the OH SO IMPOHRTUNT corp. commanders' meeting?

Is this to provide "security for the prime minister"? Whatever happened to a simple, civilian seargeant at arms? or a civilian Federal Police Officer? Why is a high level military officer joined at the hip with the Prime Minister of Pakistan 24 fucking 7 ?

Our country is being overtaken by foreign powers, and these fuckers are still playing the same old fucking games, completely obvlivious to what's happening around them. And why not? when the shit hits the fan, these bastards will get in their planes and leave for their houses in the richest most affluent neightbourhoods in the west.

Allah Allah, Khair Salla!

So much for "making progress" ...

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A message to the "Oh so pious" 1% Wahabbi Minority

The following post was instigated by another pretentious post by another Wahabbi extremist masquerading, yet again, as "a true muslim", exhorting people to "destroy centers of shirk" (meaning the mazarat of aulia etc). (previously pointed out by Red Scorpion in the comments section)

That particular "gem" (or piece of garbage) is right here at PKP discuss titled "Demolish the "centers of shirk"..."

We will remain in this mess, that we find the Muslim ummah today, until we wake up and demolish the "Centers of Shirk", like data darbar and the likes of it, and believe in the Tawheed of Allaah Subhaanuhu wa Ta'aala the way the Sahaaba (may Allaah be pleased with all of them) believed in it.

Here is my response to it (which is probably in moderation in PKP for the time being even though I can't find a cuss word that I didn't carefully self censor):

The way I see it, a twisted, psychotic, 1% minority sect, namely takfiri wahabbi's, have NO RIGHT to tell the 99% that they are engaging in shirk.

Do us all a favor, Mind your own bloody (literally) business and do what you do best, which is fighting fake "jihads" to hand over victories to the western powers and wagging your tails in front of the fake monarchs of the "brother arab mumalik" who are just as foreign as amrika bahadur (and suck amrika's you know what) but that doesn't seem to 'click' with Lashkar-e-Pretentious one tiny bit!.

A miniscule 1% can't force the 99% to follow their twisted logic, unless they use extreme violence, and this is precisely why they do use violence.

I hope the original poster is happy since Data Darbar was attacked and hundreds were maimed and killed by takfiri dogs, made possible by moral support such as this.

We are sick and tired of you. Your fake "jihads" for Jews and Christians conducted by rabbi's and psyop "ulema"-e soo. We're sick and tired of your sick version of Islam and you murdering us in the thousands. We're sick and tired of you lording it over us and telling us we're all wrong and you, the shamefully small number not even 1 percent of the world's Muslim population (however shrill and violent) is right!

We're sick of your pretentious "hijab" and your pretentious 'shalwar over the gitta" and your promotion of arab culture as "authentic Muslim" culture and to top it all off your tiresome and constant badgering about "oh look, how pious we are... ... "

You may not like to hear this, but we're sick of this sh*t.

Leave us the F***K alone!

If you think you can take Pakistan. You got another think coming.

And just to rub it in your faces, here is Baba Bulleh shah reaching out from his grave, smacking you upside your proud, empty heads. He can still make a bunch of hindoo's stand up and dance to the chants of 'Allah Hoo'.

You on the other hand are good for one thing it seems. Innoculating the whole world against the faith you so pretentiously profess to 'love'.

Saturday, July 10, 2010

Why we fight?

مرن کولوں مینوں روک نہ ملا مرن دآ شوق مٹا ون دے
کنجری بنیاں عزت نہ گھٹدی نچ کے یار مناون دے
جدوں مل جاوے دیدار تے نچنا پیندا اے
سامنے ہووے یار تے نچنا پیندا اے

Aukhay painDay, lammiyaaN rahvaaN ishQ di'yaaN

Regarding "Outsourcing Torture"

Since I've been put in moderation on PKP (probably because of the occasional "F" word), I will post my response to their current "featured article" titled "Outsourcing Torture".

Before I do that though, just a comment that I find it disturbing that PKP has become such a monoculture of ideas and ideologies. Seems like it's been taken over by the people from the reactionary right. Or maybe that is what was bound to happen given the political and intellectual leanings of the founders to begin with.

In any case, at a time when Data Sahib Darbar was attacked, PKP posted an inane article about "Kalabagh Dam" either to avoid any uncomfortable discussion of the horrific problem of terrorism facing the nation or (more sinisterly) to deflect and distract attention away from it (which indicates an even more sad state of affairs.)

So now, when a 104 women and children were mercilessly attacked and killed by the beastly talib dogs (who accepted responsibility this time for a change), PKP and it's "editor" (note: you know who you are) decided to engage in a shameless rehash of the extra-ordinary rendition issue while Pakistan is burning and its innocent citizens are being attacked and murdered by hell fiends called "taliban".

The "featured" JI/Alqaida propaganda starts out with a picture of the flags of a few Muslim majority countries, notably amongst them "Saudi" Arabia, "Pak"-isthan, Egypt and a few others like Libya, Uzbekistan etcetera.

The article starts by asking, 'What do all these ... countries have in common?"

Here is my response to that post:

What do all these countries have in common? they’re all America’s bitches. And the self flagellating holier than thou jamatias, insafia’s and other open and closeted talib supporters only have themselves to blame for this state of affairs. Just an uncomfortable fact that some of these fake, propped up regimes also support the worst wahabbi elements in other Muslim countries. Pakistan maybe the least worst in some aspects.

Let us take the example of Saudi Arabia. This country is ruled by a corrupt “royal” clique which is about as “royal” as the royal fulsh of a useless card game. These pricks came to power by running a successful “Jihad” against the “westernized” turks and help break up the last remaining Muslim power. For this “service” they got a piece of the desert and got to call it “Saudi” and got to become “royal”.

There is only one purpose for these gulf “monarchies”, to maintain control over the oil supplies of these nations and let the West steal that oil at horrifically low prices which they then turn around and deposit in western banking systems (kiyoonki banking Islam men Haram hai).

How do these “monarch butterflies” stay in power? By implementing a beastly system of oppression and control, which is backed by a beastly interpretation of Islam (It would be the “religion of peace” in case you forgot since this comment started).

This very same, horrific and beastly system which is glorified and aggrandized by the useful idiots in other Muslim countries which take this system of religio-political oppression as some kind of “second coming” of Khilafat-e-Umar and want to “implement” it in their own countries.

So, let’s recap the “bitch relationships”

– Jihadi Kuttay (dogs) (talib, red-mosquiyay, waghaira waghaira) are intellectual bitches of the Deobandi/Wahabbi schools flourshing in the country being sustained on the meagre money the arab fucktard “monarch” get and then use 95% for fucking russian whores and 5% on Islamic Schools (to assuage their guilty consciences.)

– Deobandi/Wahabbi schools are bitches of their Saudi paymasters, and preach the same kind of horrific, tortuous, torturous and violent version if Islam which is keeping the Saudi jackals in power. (The Wahabbi “ulema” eat that shit up, regurgitate it and feed it to _their_ bitches aka the Islamo-cannon-fodder)

– The Saudi and other arab monarchs are Bitches of America. In every sense of the word.

– And guess whose bitch America is?

I got one word for you: Flotilla.

What is the answer then?

The Answer is complicated. Bitches!

P.S. And how did the wahabbi “jihadi” dogs (notice I didn’t say “Mujahideen”) helped create Israel and defeat the only Muslim power (Ottomon) which would have been able to resist the efforts? Lets leave that for another day.

Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Khudai rakh kol apReN, saanu kaafi ey yaar daa dera

Better audio version here:

A very interesting "seena ba seena" part starting at 6:00 ... observe the visible discomfort of certain folks present... ;-)

naa tu rab saaDaa
naa asi banday teray
na teriaN maariyaaN marnaa

jeRhay bahisht daa tu maan kareN
aseN uss vich mool (?) naiN vaRnaaN

jeRhay dozakh tu piyaa DaraaweN
aseen us toN mool naiN Darnaa

Baahooo sab chuDD kay JheRaay Jhagray
ik laRR murshidd daa phaRnaaN

SanooN kaafi eh yaar da dera
tay khudai rakh kol apReN
o mera tay maiN haaN odaa
tay khudai rakh kol apReN

yaar apReN nooN arsh bulaaweN
asi bulaaiyay taa tu fatway laaweN
kuch bhed niiN aaNdaa tera

tay khudai rakh kol apRaeN
saanu kaafi eh yaar daa deraa!

poojaa butaaN di mool naa chaDsaaN
tai jhiyaaN rabb vatt hor labhsaaN

asi karaaN gay aap nabeRa
tay khudai rakh kol apReN

P.S. What now bitches?

Sunday, July 4, 2010


Can someone please, for the love of all that is still decent and worth living for, tell me:


Ref: Suicide bombings a result of toeing US policy: Imran