Sunday, July 25, 2010

"Anti-Communist Program in East Pakistan"

This propaganda plan, that was translated into the rhetoric of the "religious parties" will ring a painful bell with those who've had to endure the BS spouted by the likes of JI and Zia'ists and their jihadi demon spawns who fought America's wars in the 80's against the Soviets using propaganada that issued from an equally Anti-Muslim source, the United States.

PURPOSE: To destroy Communist influence and develop a positive (counter) program based on the new national ideals of Pakistan. ... Collaboration between the USIS and the Government of East Bengal is to be kept secret. To this end every attempt will be made to keep knowledge of the program confined to the three officers of the American Consulate and the three officers of the Government of East Bengal whose concerted effort is necesssary to the formulation of plans and policies.

OPERATIONAL THEMES: ... To link communism with imperialism by demonstrating that the original meaning of the word is being used as a cloak for planned conquest. ... To show the communists as anti-God and therefore a threat to the continued existence of the Muslim world as a free and independent religio-political entity. ... To promote the Islamic socio-economic concept under which there will be freedom and dignity for the individual and which will provide for the elimination of economic disparities and inequities. Coordinated Program for Combatting Communism in East Bengal, Aug. 7, 1951

Developments in Iran and Egypt are seriously affecting Pakistan popular position reference United States and we should now expect period of critical attitudes. This change may imperil parts of information program. Clearly any revelation of my private understanding with top GOP officials will create greatest embarrassment to them. ... View GOP changing position it is most imperative that all discussion be halted bringing GOEB personnel to Washington for discussion this highly delicate operation. If information officer GOEB is later sent to US as Leader Specialist, he should be given leader itinerary treatment and should not repeat not be consulted about policy matters affecting cooperation East Pakistan. We must assume he does not know of my overall understanding. Secret Telegram from Karachi Embassy, Nov. 5, 1951

More here at Paul Wolf's page on "Pakistan: Partition and Military Succession"

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