Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Khudai rakh kol apReN, saanu kaafi ey yaar daa dera

Better audio version here:

A very interesting "seena ba seena" part starting at 6:00 ... observe the visible discomfort of certain folks present... ;-)

naa tu rab saaDaa
naa asi banday teray
na teriaN maariyaaN marnaa

jeRhay bahisht daa tu maan kareN
aseN uss vich mool (?) naiN vaRnaaN

jeRhay dozakh tu piyaa DaraaweN
aseen us toN mool naiN Darnaa

Baahooo sab chuDD kay JheRaay Jhagray
ik laRR murshidd daa phaRnaaN

SanooN kaafi eh yaar da dera
tay khudai rakh kol apReN
o mera tay maiN haaN odaa
tay khudai rakh kol apReN

yaar apReN nooN arsh bulaaweN
asi bulaaiyay taa tu fatway laaweN
kuch bhed niiN aaNdaa tera

tay khudai rakh kol apRaeN
saanu kaafi eh yaar daa deraa!

poojaa butaaN di mool naa chaDsaaN
tai jhiyaaN rabb vatt hor labhsaaN

asi karaaN gay aap nabeRa
tay khudai rakh kol apReN

P.S. What now bitches?


Peja Mistri said...

Since how long I was looking for this , I had a very vague memory of this hearing in my childhood. Youtube is amazing but I am thankful to you to find this gem....

Taban Khamosh said...

I guess we can chalk this one up to serendipity! :)

Tagging and search-ability in the Urdu/Saraiki/Punjabi etc. world is horrible.

PaThanay Khan was one of the true Dervesh Masters of our time. I am fortunate enough to have personally met him.

Peja Mistri said...

I spent couple of years of my childhood in Kot Uddu , I along with my father attended few of his live performances and I still feel the joy and happiness in my soul when I think of those nights listening to this mejestic voice......
Thanks again

Taban Khamosh said...

I'm glad you liked it Peja.

Not to overdramatize, but this is the culture we fight a losing battle to protect.

I always thought he was from Taunsa Sharif or near there. But it seems you are right!

From the wikipedia:

In 1976, Zulfikar Ali Bhutto, then prime minister of Pakistan, invited him to Islamabad for a private performance. When Pathanay Khan sang "Dil li dilree lutee tain yaar sajan, Kadi mor maharan tay wal a watan", Bhutto broke into tears. After the programme, the prime minister asked Pathanay Khan three times if he had any desire. Each time the singer’s reply was, "Bhutto Sahib, aap ko gharib awaam ki parat ho" (Bhutto Sahib, take care of the poor). At this, Bhutto hugged Pathanay Khan and said "I will surely take care of the poor".