Monday, June 23, 2008

June 23rd - The Day your ancestors Sold you Out!

The Battle of Plassey (Bengali: পলাশীর যুদ্ধ, Pôlashir Juddho) was a decisive British East India Company victory over the Nawab of Bengal and his French allies, establishing British rule of India for the next 190 years. The battle took place on 23 June 1757 at Palashi, West Bengal, India, on the riverbanks of the Bhagirathi River, about 150 km north of Calcutta, near Murshidabad, then the capital of the Nawab of Bengal. The opponents were Siraj Ud Daulah, the last independent Nawab of Bengal, and the British East India Company. The battle was waged during the Seven Years' War(1756–1763) and in a mirror of their European rivalry the French East India Company sent a small contingent to fight against the British East India Company. Siraj-ud-Daulah had a numerically superior force, and made its stand at Plassey. The British, worried about being outnumbered and not above some bribery, reached out to Siraj-ud-Daulah's deposed army chief - Mir Jafar, along with others such as Yar Latif and Rai Durlabh. Mir Jafar thus assembled his troops near the battlefield, but made no move to actually join the battle, causing Siraj-ud-Daulah's army to be defeated. Siraj-ud-Daulah fled, eventually to be captured and executed. As a result, the entire province of Bengal fell to the Company, with Mir Jafar appointed as their puppet Nawab.

Today, Plassey is judged to be one of the pivotal battles leading to the eventual formation of the British Empire in India. The enormous wealth gained from the Bengal treasury, and access to a massive source of foodgrains and taxes allowed the Company to significantly strengthen its military might, and opened the way for eventual British domination of all of India. However, the Battle of Buxar that followed ten years later was probably more definitive in establishing British rule in India.

Friday, June 20, 2008

Habib Jalib - Mainay Uss Say Yeh Kaha


I said this to him
These hundred million
Are the epitome of ignorance
Their conscience has gone to sleep
Every ray of hope
Is lost in the darkness
This news is true
They are the living dead
Completely mindless
A disease of life
And you hold in your hands
The cure for their ills

You are the light of God
Wisdom and knowledge personified
The nation is with you
It is only through your grace
That the nation can be saved
You are the light of a new morning
After you there is only night
The few who speak out
Are all mischief makers
You should tear out their tongues
You should throttle their throats

Those proud of their eloquence
Their tongues are completely silent
There is calm in the land
There is an unexampled difference
Between yesterday and today
Only at their own expense
Are people in prison, under your rule

China is our friend
We'd give our lives for her
But the system that they have
Steer well clear of that
From far away say "salaam"
These hundred million asses
That are named the masses
Could surely never become rulers
You are the truth; they're an illusion
My prayer is that
You remain President forever

Is Asif Zardari becoming Irrelevant?

I know it maybe a bit premature to proclaim this, but it doesn't hurt to ask this question does it?

Even though Asif Zardari seems to be at the "top" of his game (whatever the hell that is).. and people can't seem to do anything but squirm at the moment, but it seems to me that he is actually quickly becoming irrelevant. He has squandered the emotional capital and really annoyed and angered pretty much everyone across the political specturm, except of course Musharraf and his benefactors sitting in their control rooms in Washington D.C. and London.

A couple of things that happened recently and how AAZ reacted to them:

First was the long march. A historic long march that millions attended on the way to Islamabad and a march that was welcomed and sustained by hundreds of thousands, culminated in a historic rally, first and only one of its kind in Pakistan's history, in front of the Parliament.

Where was Asif Zardari? In Bilawal House Karachi, on the other end of Pakistan getting his picture taken in that ill fated bullet-proof SUV... speaking to about 100 Steel Mills workers (a noble cause no doubt.. but Come ON!!)

And now as the word spreads on the street that there is a split in the "People's" Party in the offing and the long time party workers are meeting in Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi to commemorate BB's birthday with a huge rally, Zardari will be "supervising blood donations" in NauDero ....

Missing in action, once again. And talking the language of the Dead bhuttos as saints and Mr. Zardari as the virtual crypt keeper. Uggh!!

At least I'm asking this question now, WTF is this guy doing? Does he even _have_ a game? He sounds pretty deranged at times, and his decisions seem dishonest at best and downright retarded and counterproductive at worst.

One thing seems clear though. He is surrounded by these un-elected sycophants who will take him down along with the party and the nation if corrective measures are not taken.

The fact that these huge events are occuring without anyone caring what the hell Mr. Zardari is upto, may indicate to a coming reality, and that being that his meteoric rise to prominence may be accompanied by an equally jarring fall from grace.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some "FAILURES" in History (according to Negative Ninnies)

HIstorical events and Why they were FAILURES (according to negative ninnies)

EVENT: Exodus
What happened?: Israelites were freed, escaped the phaorah, ate Mannah for 40 days, parted the seas, got a new homeland.
WHY A Failure ?: No Dharna in front of the Pyramids!!! GASP!!

EVENT: Noah’s Flood
What happened?: The good humans and the pious animals survive a ginormous flood
WHY A Failure ?: No dharna was performed on Mt. Ararat! What a failure!

EVENT: Mao’s long march
What happened?: Millions were freed, China put on the path to independence!
WHY A Failure ?: No Dharna!! maray gai stupid chinese!

EVENT: Gandhi’s salt march to the sea.
What happened?: Shook the British Raj to the core, gave self confidence to Indians
WHY A Failure ?: No Dharnaa!!! Gandhi was SUCCH a LUZURRR!!!

EVENT: Creation of Pakistan
What happened?: Pakistan was created! hellooo?
WHY A Failure ?: No Dharna on 14th of August… what a moron was that jinnah guy.. he didn’t know how to run a movement.

EVENT: Emancipation of the Slaves
What happened?: Blacks were freed in the states
WHY A Failure ?: No Dharnaa!!

EVENT: Martin Luther King Jr. march
What happened?: Changed the face of America forever! start of a seachange in the American Psyche.
WHY A Failure ?: NO DHARNAA!!!

EVENT: Lawyer’s Long March 2008 - Pakistan
What happened?: Millions of people came out, supported the judiciary cause, stood in 45 degree heat, gave water, food to tired march participants.. came out in the 100,000’s for the first time in the history of Pakistan and Islamabad, held a successful rally and dispersed peacefully after giving a LOUD & CLEAR message to the ruling classes.

WHY A Failure ?: No Dharnaa!!!! [sound] uaaN uaaaN uaaaaaaaNNNN!!! [/sound]

Saturday, June 14, 2008

Long March Zinda Baad!

Cheer up my friends!
It was the first standoff
between the People and The Saamraaj!

It was Tabook ! it was no Uhud!
A shot across the bow of the sinking ship of Kleptocracy,
and its remote-controlling masters.

It may not feel like it right now,
but it was a Historic Victory!


Tuesday, June 10, 2008

"Rethinking the National Interest" by Condoleeza Rice

Condoleeza Rice has written a policy piece titled "Rethinking the National Interest" for Foreign Affairs magazine.

Apparently they spent 3 billion dollars on schools, clinics, hospitals... in Pakistan! hahahahaha..... buahahahahahahah!.... [gasp... gasp] buahhahahahahahhahaahahahahahaha!

Gawd! I needed a good laugh. She's left Chris Rock way behind hasn't she?

Here are some gems related to Pakistan:
Admittedly, our interests in both promoting democratic development and fighting terrorism and extremism lead to some hard choices, because we do need capable friends in the broader Middle East who can root out terrorists now. These states are often not democratic, so we must balance the tensions between our short-term and our long-term goals. We cannot deny nondemocratic states the security assistance to fight terrorism or defend themselves. At the same time, we must use other points of leverage to promote democracy and hold our friends to account. That means supporting civil society, as we have done through the Forum for the Future and the Middle East Partnership Initiative, and using public and private diplomacy to push our nondemocratic partners to reform. Changes are slowly coming in terms of universal suffrage, more influential parliaments, and education for girls and women. We must continue to advocate for reform and support indigenous agents of change in nondemocratic countries, even as we cooperate with their governments on security.

An example of how our administration has balanced these concerns is our relationship with Pakistan. Following years of U.S. neglect of that relationship, our administration had to establish a partnership with Pakistan's military government to achieve a common goal after September 11. We did so knowing that our security and that of Pakistan ultimately required a return to civilian and democratic rule. So even as we worked with President Pervez Musharraf to fight terrorists and extremists, we invested more than $3 billion to strengthen Pakistani society -- building schools and health clinics, providing emergency relief after the 2005 earthquake, and supporting political parties and the rule of law. We urged Pakistan's military leaders to put their country on a modern and moderate trajectory, which in some important respects they did. And when this progress was threatened last year by the declaration of emergency rule, we pushed President Musharraf hard to take off his uniform and hold free elections. Although terrorists tried to thwart the return of democracy and tragically killed many innocent people, including former Prime Minister Benazir Bhutto, the Pakistani people dealt extremism a crushing defeat at the polls. This restoration of democracy in Pakistan creates an opportunity for us to build the lasting and broad-based partnership that we have never achieved with this nation, thereby enhancing our security and anchoring the success of our values in a troubled region.

Monday, June 9, 2008

NS & IK Press Conference - Whoopty Fucking Doo!

This, on the eve of the Long March is total BS. Why do these two have the morose body language like some lawyer ran over their cat? And,

WHY IS YOUR “LEADER” ACTING LIKE A HYPER 13 YEAR OLD with a Severe case of ADHD ???????

Some observations:

1. I would like these two gentlemen to be quiet, get on a plane and MARCH WITH the MARCHERS not “maiN Seeeeeeeeeeedha Islamabad jaa rahaa hooN”

Its called a Long "MARCH” not a friggin Looooong "Flight” …. Get a clue people!!

2. So, is Imran Khan NS’s attack dog now? And who gives a fuq about some stupid case against Altaf Hussain… move the he11 on!

3. Imran Khan COMPLETELY upstaged Nawaz Sharif. Question to NS (and his handlers) Was having someone bark at Zardari really worth having to now backpeddle on the US side? You don’t “STRONGLY CONDEMN” BUSH unless you got the ba!!s to back this up! IK doesn’t have the nuts to eat some dust with the lawyers and he wants to “strongly condemn” George Friggin Bush?

Some suggestions:

4. Imran Khan should quit his International Fan Club, and join PML-N …

5. Lawyers should aske Aitezaz Ahsan to leave, he’s been taking the edge off the lawyers movement since March 9th.

6. Jamaatias should be banned from the march. period!

And I’m Appalled to relate that IK acted like a total DOUCHE! he kept inturrupting NS and at the end like a bored kid, just got up and bloody left (knocking over some china in the process– KLINKK!!!)


And now to answer the charge of being an "IK Hater" :

I’m not an IK hater. But I am a fawning hater, sycophancy hater, stupid celebrity worship hater… making excuses for lack of democracy hater, and hater of all other kinds of BS that is fuqqing us over. Call me party pooper!

My apologies to IK groupies… but look at his attitude… he just showed his “haula pan” by jumping up like a 10 year old when someone much senior than him is sitting there.. (the 2 time PM guy? with 90 seats in the assembly and govt of 60% of Pakistan?? helloooo??)

You know why he acted like this? He was acting like this because he dealt with spineless, fawning pu$$ies (they call themselvs his “supporters” or party members) all weekend falling over each other for his autographs.. people he can treat like sh!t but who would still fawn over every captain-obvious remark by him like some teenage skanks at a midwestern boy-band mall-concert!

I have ZERO respect for PTI “members” like that. Come back and give me platitudes when you’ve held ELECTIONS At Chapter level. Until then. You’re just another fan-club of some celebrity. No better than Bhutto worshippers or NS worshippers or even Altaf Hussain worshippers (actually, that guy does have some kind of basic organizational sh!t going on…)

Don’t believe me? go look at the “North American” meeting for PTI and MQM … Which one looks like a pizza party? I’d expect it to be MQM, but it is actually PTI. 5-6 Fat guys standing around eating pizza. Yeah.. I can TOTALLY see how you’re gonna take over the political scene of Pakistan! Werrd!! Coolio! Dawg!!

And I, mr. joe bloody shmoe, am supposed to respect that as “the revolutionary thing in Pakistani Politics” ??? I don’t think so!

Both these guys should get the hell over there (at least NS has a friggin excuse!) and MARCH! instead of landing in ISB… HOW THE FUQ can we blame Zardari for his callousness when everyone else is acting just like him?The difference being that of degrees not of substance?

so there.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Constitutional Package: The Half Monty!

Pejamistri has done an excellent job and took the time to put the clauses and the changes in them in a color-coded form. He only did it for the parts that have become public through Daily Times etc, but it makes things much easier to follow than the original format published.

Here it is: "Constitutional Package - Comprehensive Review"

What we Pakistani's need is a "Constitution Wiki" Which shows the original Constitution(s) and all the changes made in them by various, ehem, "authors".

Good work Peja!!

PPP's "Constitutional" Package