Friday, June 20, 2008

Is Asif Zardari becoming Irrelevant?

I know it maybe a bit premature to proclaim this, but it doesn't hurt to ask this question does it?

Even though Asif Zardari seems to be at the "top" of his game (whatever the hell that is).. and people can't seem to do anything but squirm at the moment, but it seems to me that he is actually quickly becoming irrelevant. He has squandered the emotional capital and really annoyed and angered pretty much everyone across the political specturm, except of course Musharraf and his benefactors sitting in their control rooms in Washington D.C. and London.

A couple of things that happened recently and how AAZ reacted to them:

First was the long march. A historic long march that millions attended on the way to Islamabad and a march that was welcomed and sustained by hundreds of thousands, culminated in a historic rally, first and only one of its kind in Pakistan's history, in front of the Parliament.

Where was Asif Zardari? In Bilawal House Karachi, on the other end of Pakistan getting his picture taken in that ill fated bullet-proof SUV... speaking to about 100 Steel Mills workers (a noble cause no doubt.. but Come ON!!)

And now as the word spreads on the street that there is a split in the "People's" Party in the offing and the long time party workers are meeting in Liaqat Bagh Rawalpindi to commemorate BB's birthday with a huge rally, Zardari will be "supervising blood donations" in NauDero ....

Missing in action, once again. And talking the language of the Dead bhuttos as saints and Mr. Zardari as the virtual crypt keeper. Uggh!!

At least I'm asking this question now, WTF is this guy doing? Does he even _have_ a game? He sounds pretty deranged at times, and his decisions seem dishonest at best and downright retarded and counterproductive at worst.

One thing seems clear though. He is surrounded by these un-elected sycophants who will take him down along with the party and the nation if corrective measures are not taken.

The fact that these huge events are occuring without anyone caring what the hell Mr. Zardari is upto, may indicate to a coming reality, and that being that his meteoric rise to prominence may be accompanied by an equally jarring fall from grace.

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