Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Some "FAILURES" in History (according to Negative Ninnies)

HIstorical events and Why they were FAILURES (according to negative ninnies)

EVENT: Exodus
What happened?: Israelites were freed, escaped the phaorah, ate Mannah for 40 days, parted the seas, got a new homeland.
WHY A Failure ?: No Dharna in front of the Pyramids!!! GASP!!

EVENT: Noah’s Flood
What happened?: The good humans and the pious animals survive a ginormous flood
WHY A Failure ?: No dharna was performed on Mt. Ararat! What a failure!

EVENT: Mao’s long march
What happened?: Millions were freed, China put on the path to independence!
WHY A Failure ?: No Dharna!! maray gai stupid chinese!

EVENT: Gandhi’s salt march to the sea.
What happened?: Shook the British Raj to the core, gave self confidence to Indians
WHY A Failure ?: No Dharnaa!!! Gandhi was SUCCH a LUZURRR!!!

EVENT: Creation of Pakistan
What happened?: Pakistan was created! hellooo?
WHY A Failure ?: No Dharna on 14th of August… what a moron was that jinnah guy.. he didn’t know how to run a movement.

EVENT: Emancipation of the Slaves
What happened?: Blacks were freed in the states
WHY A Failure ?: No Dharnaa!!

EVENT: Martin Luther King Jr. march
What happened?: Changed the face of America forever! start of a seachange in the American Psyche.
WHY A Failure ?: NO DHARNAA!!!

EVENT: Lawyer’s Long March 2008 - Pakistan
What happened?: Millions of people came out, supported the judiciary cause, stood in 45 degree heat, gave water, food to tired march participants.. came out in the 100,000’s for the first time in the history of Pakistan and Islamabad, held a successful rally and dispersed peacefully after giving a LOUD & CLEAR message to the ruling classes.

WHY A Failure ?: No Dharnaa!!!! [sound] uaaN uaaaN uaaaaaaaNNNN!!! [/sound]


ibrahim said...

Thats where you actually belong, on the liberal left, good to see you supporting Atezaz against Qazi establishmenti and Imran (the gullible). You ll soon witness the "Asooli politics of Nawaz Sharif" as well.
Welcome back home ;)

ibrahim said...

Enjoy Jalib

Taban Khamosh said...

Thanks for your comment Ibrahim. IK's association with teh JI always bothered me as I'm always suspicious of any stand that they take.

In any case, June 14th and the attempted riots by JI/PTI were a wake-up call to me at least. Most people haven't even noticed.

Oh well...

p.s. thanks for the link to Shahram Azhar's clip. I wish they'd sell a CD of their songs.