Wednesday, October 8, 2008

More "Islamist" CUNTS with links to Mossad get caught.

Fucking douchebag retards still campaigning to 'negotiate' with the indian/zionist/mossad agents (with beards of course).

Attack on U.S. Embassy in Yemen Linked to Mossad

President Saleh revealed on Monday that security forces in Yemen caught an espionage network for Israel made up of Arab nationals. This announcement came during his speech in front of MP's, Shura Council members, local council members, scholars and military and security leaders at Hadhramout University.

Well surprise fucking surprise.

But don't tell it to that goat fucker Qazi or his bitch Imran Khan, because these two cunts are back on the tour of the country trying to rile up a battered public in another zionist serving 'tehreek' against a barely functional democratic setup.

The same dick wad cuntbag who waited out Musharraf's 9 years of NATIONAL ASSRAPE while endorsing his fucking 17th amendment, is already on the fucking move riling people up for a destabilization initiative.

God these goatfuckers ought to be flogged. Along with the rest of the fucknuts who are supposed to be our 'ruling elite'.

I can't wait for the fucking day when we run short of firing squads executing these fuckers for days on end.

More "Islamist" CUNTS with links to Mossad get caught.