Tuesday, May 26, 2009

"Unheeded Lessons of Democracy"

Two quotes from this article I just saw at sacw. The Dawn link doesn't seem to work.

Humourist Imran Aslam took a potshot at the way Pakistanis view core values when he pointed out in a recent play that we are a country where Ideas is a departmental store, Liberty is the name of a market and Freedom and Trust are personal hygiene products. Maybe it’s time to ask if Pakistan was ever a democracy, or have we rapidly slipped from being a colony to an oligarchy constituted by a powerful, dishonest and self-serving elite that connives at monopolising politics, land, the military and industry. The conspiracy to keep the majority disenfranchised is clear to anyone who has lived through or studied the country’s short history.

For any tangible success the real battle has to be fought within each Pakistani as he/she struggles to re-learn the spirit of democracy. The blueprint to victory lies in the understanding and practice of the constitution which has been forsaken by citizens and leaders alike. The first step in this direction would be to dismantle the system of economic apartheid which resides both in attitudes and in the crumbling brick-and-mortar facilities for the masses.

All talk, and no f'kin walk! That is us.


Thursday, May 14, 2009

The TTP IS the Western Threat to Pakistan.

We are all afraid and worried about "The American Threat"
We think it will be drone (too tactical, in-effective and can't do sh!t to Pakistan's existence in isolation))

But in fact, it is America's secret weapon, the so called 'pakistani taliban' who are the real existential threat!

TTP IS The American Threat ™

some thoughts:

1. we need to decouple Afghan Resistance fighting for Afghanistan from these groups operating in Pakistan who also like to get "Brand Effect" by calling themselves "Taliban" ... Although, they are neither totally indigenous, nor religious scholars or studest (by a LONG shot).. TTP is a mercenary operation consisting of foreign agents (Lawrence of ARabia types, Raw, Mossad etc.) uzbeks, chechens, disgruntled locals and misguided Pakistani youth who are being fooled into thinking they are "participating in jihad" while all they're doing is hollowing out the tree on which they live. Need I remind you of the Najdi "resistance" to the "evil, corrupt, westernized Turk imperialism", fueled by Britain and the Western gang of thugs, planned by the Elders of YOUKNOWHO , fought by wahabi jihadi nitwits who thought they were "fighting in the cause of Allah" .. All they got is a kleptocracy of Ten Thousand Princes all bowing to the will of Allah Amreeka to the Detriment of the interests of the Arabs and Muslims at large.

Result: Dissolution of the last remaining bastion of Muslim power (aka The Ottomon Empire), Break up and subsequent subjugation of Muslim nations, and creation of Israel.

You really gotta think hard every time some halfwit raises the flag of Jihad, because our enemies have used our urge to jump blindly into anything called "jihad" successfully before. I'm not Against "Jihad Fi Sabeelallah" I'm against stupid Jihad-fi-Sabeel-Amreeka/Inglistan/ blah!

DON"T BE STUPID! is all I'm saying... but I digressed .. slightly.

2. Afghan Taliban, despite their recent tactics are fighting a nationalist type resistance war which should not be confused with the Anti-pakistan insurgent type activity TTP is engaging in.

3. Afghan resistance needs some kind of support, mainly moral support, but if it is going to be actual support, then it has to be extremely covert ... (for obvious reasons) ... Look at Iran and how it is supporting groups in Iraq (I have no doubt about it)

4. I don't care if the rhetoric of Jihad is used in Afghan case, actually, it makes sense in that context, but the "spillover and its consquences in Pakistan" should be kept in mind. America is using the spillover effect to legitimize destablization of Pakistan in the name of "Jihad against American agent govt" and every time the effort slows down, they come up with a new drone attack ...

Drone attacks are NOT to kill insurgents, they are to rile up Pushtoons against Pakistan, to fuel the insurgency against the existence of Pakistan.

5. If there are people in Pakistan who want to go for Jihad in Afghanistan, why don't they go quietly? leave all identification behind and fight till they are martyred?

Why this business of "Fight in Paktika in the Morning, Lunch in Waziristan, Back to ambush in JalalAbad for the night"

I mean, really, should someone doing this kind of SH!T be considered "A momin (don't get bit twice from same hole)", "A Mujahid?" or "A Friend of Pakistan" ???

Why would a patriot Pakistani (Waziri or Mehsud tribal in this example) put Pakistan in jeopardy and do such things which will only incriminate Pakistan for no good reason (if reason is Jihad, then go, fight, become shaheed, why do you want to come back for lunch every 3 days in Wana? ...

It is this "back & forth" which is giving the western powers the PRETEXT TO WAGE WAR AGAINST PAKISTAN.

So, are these people our friends? NO
Granted we have predatory ruling class, corrupt and morale deprived army and a rapacious political and bureaucratic class.

BUT still this is Pakistan we're talking about.

IF there is Pakistan, we can make improvements, fix the army, muzzle the lutera establishment, fix the police, get some real justice and real democracy for the people.

We KNOW it's possible!
We did it with a peaceful, constitutional, lawyer's movement for Rule of Law.

Other areas of civil rights can be addressed in the same way!

There are no "revolutionary" shortcuts, and those who are seduced by the call of "Islamic Revolution" may find that on the other end, all they get is subjugation and slavery of American/West "in the name of Islam" (as they have in "Saudi" Arabia now... Whoopty Frickkin Doo! ...)

But if we keep supporting Anti Pakistani-State activities posing existential threat to Pakistan, simply because "there is injustice inflicted by the state apparatus" ... then we are going to give the WEST the excuse they need to dismember and destroy us.

The TTP IS the Western Threat to Pakistan.