Sunday, March 30, 2008

Rehna nahiN des biraana hai

I first heard this Kabir poem in the Ghalib drama. I still don't know who the singer is on that one. But I found out a Jagjit Sing version. I really love the first singer.. I don't know who it is.

I couldn't get the embedding to work, so here is the link.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Pray to an Oil Tanker

700 Intellectuals Pray to an Oil Tanker


Without an invitation
We have come
700 (and many more are on the way)
From all over, where the wind no longer blows
From the treadmills, which grind slowly, and
From the ovens, behind which, it is said
Not even a dog remains.


And we have seen thee
All of a sudden, the night long
Oil tanker.


Yesterday thou wert not there
But today
Thou art the only one.


Come, hurry, ye!
Ye who saw the branch on which ye sit
Working folk!
God has descended again
In the form of an oil tanker.


Thou, the repulsive one
Art gorgeous!
Exercise force over us
Thou, the objective one!
Snuff out our ego!
Make a community out of us!
Then, not as we want:
Rather, as thou wilt.


Thou art not made of ivory
And of ebony, but of
Wonderful! Wonderful! Wonderful!
Thou, the unprepossessing one.


Thou art not an invisible one
Nor art thou infinite!
On the other hand, seven metres high
There are no secrets in thee
Rather, there is oil,
And thou dealest with us
Not discretely, nor unfathomably
But with calculation.


What is grass for thee?
Thou sittest on it.
Where, formerly, there was grass
There thou sittest now, oil tanker!
And for thee an emotion is


Therefore listen to our prayer
And deliver us from evil.
In the name of electrification
And of Ford-step* and statistics!

--Bertolt Brecht (1927)

* The play on words is not translatable. Fortschritt (progress) has been converted into Fordschritt (Henry Ford’s conveyor belt).

Tuesday, March 25, 2008

A slap in the old FACE!

So, musharraf (mushi) had to administer the oath to the newest Chief Executive of the Republic Of Pakistan, Prime Minister Syed Yousef Raza Gilani, and guess what? it is the same guy that this incompetent banana republican musharraf kept incarcerated under fake charges FOR 5 YEARS! ooooooh! that has GOT to SUCK!

See for yourself. Who is the bigger man? And who it is that is sweating? The writing is on the wall! The sooner the better! Herr Prezzuhdunt!

Phote Credit: International Herald Tribune

Monday, March 24, 2008

Yousef Raza Gilaani, Democratically Elected Prime Minister of Pakistan

A proud and happy day for Pakistan, a Proud day for Moultan, the oldest continuously inhabited city in the Wrold! Syed Yousef Raza Gilani was elected leader of the house and Prime Minister of the Republic of Pakistan by a majority of 264 votes to 41 (for Ch. Pervaiz Ilahi)

Once again, we are optimistic! Once again we have proven to the world that we choose Democracy over Military Oppression by Foreign Proxies every chance we get. We are poor, and we are destitute, but we are democratic and tolerant at heart. The blood of the Sufi Saint's and the Gandharans and the Harrappans still runs through the ancient veins of this Nation.

Here are some videos that I have scavenged from the 'Net. (I feel a tinge of sadness for Makhdoom Amin Fahim, but I hope this decision will prove to be the right one for the nation...)

Syed Yousef Raza Gilani First Speech in the National Assembly:

May-06-2008 :: Video links removed because vidpk links were dead. (also. Zardari is being a treacherous bitch. So, things are not as rosy as we had expected. Shout outs from the future! yo! yo! yo!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Dr. Fehmeedah Mirza, First Woman Speaker of Pakistan National Assembly

I am really proud to see this happen. A big F.U to the loser who went to Europe and told his masters that Pakistani's are not ready for democracy yet.

Well, not only they are ready, but they thumped your miserable party and now they have elected the First Woman Speaker of the National Assembly of Pakistan.

Best Wishes to Dr. Fehmeedah Mirza for this accomplishment and all her sacrifices for the sake of democracy!

Sunday, March 16, 2008

Ilaaj-e Gham naheeN kartay faQat taQreer kartay haiN

On Pakistani "Establishment" Part Un (The Phantom Menace)

Okay, so this was an older discussion and Part Un should be before "deux" but here at Tab'an Khamosh.. everything seems illogical and ass backwards some times.. and it is only apt to be ass-backwards since we're talking about our so called establishment, but I digress!

So, without further handwaving, here is the discussion that took place on the topic. First the "trigger" comment and then my response to it.

m5433d on March 3rd, 2008 8:23 am
As far as I understand Adnan,which could be copletely wrong.

establishment is the result of one powerfull person either creating a web of pwerfull figures that persue the same goals. So for example Zia-ulHaq had his own establishment of people in the army and intelligence that shared his views and thus functioned as opperatives. each time a powerfull figure comes he tries to create his own powerbase. If he is successfull then that is the establisment of the day. Most of the figures of establishment hold more permanent positions that the politicians. When Mush came along he removed figures of power in the army and other instiutes to build his own establishment. In order to ensure its contuity, im sure he has promoted a network of poerfull people thta will cause problems for the next forseeable future. Basically in my opinion establisment is a force whose appointment and dismissal is not based on public selection. Thie establishment agenda cab with or against public opinion.

it might be worth the effort to search on wikkipedia to see what they have said but not many people understand what this monster is.

And my Response:

Tab'an Khamosh on March 3rd, 2008 1:25 pm
@Adnan_H & @m5433d: I have asked the same question regarding this mysterious thing we keep calling “the establishment”. I tend to agree with m5433d’s assessment, but I think that is by definition not an “establishment”

Because “establishment” is a deeply rooted structure in a society which is like the roots of a tree, it is by nature conservative and keeps all the forces in a polity balanced. I think the tragedy of Pakistani politics is that …

drum roll please….

We DON’T HAVE an Establishment !!


yes siree.. we don’t.. this is why we are so rudderless.. In Pakistan, everyman is king (like every man/woman/child on pkpolitics is an absolute expert on everything.. ) The problem isn’t that we do, but that we don’t!!

Establishment is a structure that is “established” by nature, it is deeply rooted and it sets the direction of the country. For example, I remember reading somewhere that the Bushes are still not part of the American Establishment Bushes, with two presidents in the family and multi billionaires.. still not part of the “American Establishment” (this was before the 1st W presidency btw — so they might be now)

So, I think the thing is that we have no establishment.. Not every Arab-Patti should become part of an establishement.. The Establishment by definition has it’s fate tied with the fate of the country it is “established in”.. so if you look at the monkey’s who call themselves “Generals” or “Presidents” or “Secretaries” and think they are “establishment” you can be sure they’re not.

We are controlled by outside establishments (I think UK) and our senior generals, bureaucreats and politicians are basically their lackeys. See musharraf’s actions, and Zia’s before him. (Also See Pak Assembly’s reception of the the Queen of England). Being “rich” doesn’t automaticaly put you in an establishment.. our rich people think they are in some establishment.. but they are not… they’re just rich people with guards.. they don’t decide the fate of this country.. neither do the generals.. as their own fates are decided outside of this country. If we had an establishment, _they_ would be controlling the army not the 10 Downining street or the White House.

I vote for a local establishment!

Photo Credit: abro

On Pakistani "Establishment" Part Deux (Men in Tights)

I have been wondering about the concept of "Pakistani Establishment" for a while and I think it would be worthwhile to write an essay on it so I can explore the concept and do some research to enhance my understanding of this beast. A recent poll on prompted me to write the following comment (I have added to it here and fixed spelling mistakes).

I believe there is no such thing as an “establishment” in Pakistan in the sense that it exists in other entrenched nations (The British Establishment, the Anglo-American establishment)

You see, establishment, aside from being a mindset, is a coalition of behind-the-scenes actors that give stability to the nation or country or empire (a common entity and set of values to be protected) so that the concept can endure.

In Pakistan, what we have is a ‘focus of privilege’ like a show-biz search light and as long as you are under that spot-light you are in the “in group” but once you are used up.. you are just another used tissue paper.

Look at the “ex servicemen society”, if these people comprised of “the real mccoy”, no sitting president could call them useless POS! The establishment, by definition, is stronger than a single institution.

But the converse is not necessarily true. Something that is stronger than an existent overt institution is not necessarily (or by default as it were) “the Establishment’ in the *cough* established *cough* sense of the word.

An establishment, when it is strong, stops institutions from crossing certain lines. Because it’s own survival is attached to a set of rules such that the playground in which the Establishment exercises it’s hegemony is not destroyed by some of the participants.

In Pakistan, we don’t have an establishment, we have a loosely tied network of individuals which use the coercive powers of the state at the behest of external establishements - especially British - for aims which can only be termed suicidal. I believe Dr. Ayesha Siddiqua called just the military segment of this privileged class "suicidal kleptocracy" or some such.

You see, you need an identity and a set of values for an establishment to protect (as it nibbles away at the sweet wealth secreted by the worker bees) ..

An establishment ‘gels’ around an identity. Identity is something dynamic, but it provides the substrate upon which the establishment spreads its roots and provides the anchor for a society and a set of unwritten rules that the various actors more or less agree to.

We don’t have any of that because we haven’t even agreed upon an identity yet. And the military-bureaucratic complex in Pakistan has proved to be a bunch of sissies and given NO resistance to foreign strategic meddling in the indentity formation process which was key after the creation of the new state of Pakistan.

So, we don’t have an establishment, we have a loosely tied group of vultures (imo) all bound together by petty and short-sighted self-interests who do not have interests in a long term Pakistan and whose “retirement” plans include lives in lavish villas in europe and in the americas as rewards for loyalty to the interests of the foreign estabilshments.

Previouslly, on as well, I had posed a question about starting a discussion on not the role, but the definition of this thing they keep referring to as "the establishment".

My contention is that there is no Pakistani Establishment per se. Even Mushahid Hussain (the darbari daanishwar du jour) seems to think that who ever has the levers of bureaucracy is "the new establishment". Which is silly to say the least. We need to differentiate between 'establishment' and 'coercive administrative machinery of the state' because until we do we will not be able to realize that in fact we don't have an establishment. And it won't be such a bad idea to get one.

Saturday, March 15, 2008

Khwaja Asif declares War on Criminal Tinpot Generals

I was going to post some bookmarks, but I would say the whole speech is goo. Just ignore the shameless heckling that the Q members were doing to distract him. I can see now why Nawaz Sharif is not going back an inch on the Judiciary Issue.

I can also see how seriously the political class is willing to fight this time. The jurnails will have to be taught a lesson or we won't have a Pakistan anymore.

Bravo Khawaja Sahib, You have made me proud to be a Pakistani. We will win this fight!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

9th March - Yom e Adl and Murre Declaration

Aik tikkuT maeN do mazay!

The nation celebrated today, it's first Justice Day (Yom-e Adl) to remember the courageous stand our hero, Chief Justice of Pakistan (Ch. Iftikhar ) took against a pack of hyena's who like to call themselves "patriots" but are foreign quislings ever ready to execute the orders of their foreign masters against the National interests of the Republic of Pakistan. One man said NO! One man found himself at the head of a nation who considered him a Hero for standing up for what is right for once!

And to make the celebration -- though marred with politc baton charges and tear-gas shellings -- even better, there was the Murree Declaration. In which Asif Zardari & Nawaz Sharif committed to restoring the judiciary by an act of parliament within 30 days of the start of the Parliamentary session. Congratulations to both these gentlemen for not folding under the waning imperial pressures.

Never Forget! Never Surrender! Never stop believing in the power of the individual.

Congratulations Pakistani's! You will be a nation yet!

Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baba Vey kala maroR

I just happened upon this remix of the decades old hit Punjabi song the other day... I remember when we were little kids, "the older kids" used to sing this song and it always had a hidden significance ... it pointed vaguely to something sexual or erotic, but when you're that little you really can't figure out what the older kids are talking about... I'm amazed at how early kids start to become aware of things vaguely sexual or erotic in nature... A world that is forever left behind as the person grows..

it is as if we wade through pools of games, sayings, stories, memes as we grow older. The memes stay there, they become somehow part of us, but we keep moving on.. and a new batch of wild eyed kids enter the batch and learn the memes and games and legends all over again.

wonderful stuff.

Tuesday, March 4, 2008

Musharraf to Resign?? !! ?? !!

Pakistan's President Agrees to Resign
Democracy triumphs over dictatorship in Pakistan at last

By: Muhammad Aslam Khan (aslam)

Pakistani President Pervez Musharraf agreed on Monday to resign from office to defuse political tensions, provided there are guarantees that he will not be persecuted in the courts, well-placed sources have revealed.

Musharraf informed Chief of Army Staff Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani of his decision to resign in the larger national interest during a meeting at the Camp Office in the Army House that doubles as the official residence of the president, sources said.

"The president was responding to General Kayani's request to Musharraf to consider playing a statesmanlike role to resolve the political and constitutional crisis in the country," a well-placed source privy to the meeting revealed.

Sources said that Musharraf agreed to quit national politics in response to the growing calls for him to step down or face impeachment by the new parliament in the wake of the resounding drubbing to the Chaudhry Shujaat Hussain-led Pakistan Muslim League-Q, which is closely associated and with Musharraf.

According to sources, Musharraf has requested three face-saving measures:

(1) safe passage abroad with his mother Zarin, wife Sehba, daughter Ayla and son-in-law Asif Raza Mir (the former TV star who acted in Fatima Surraya Bajia's famous drama serial Tanhaiyan) to live with his Boston-based son Bilal Musharraf where he serves as an actuary accountant;
(2) guarantees that no judicial case will be filed against him in the courts and that the restored judiciary, particularly deposed Chief Justice Iftikhar Muhammad Chaudhry, will not hear any case against him; and
(3) a chance to address the nation one last time.

Sources further revealed that Musharraf was given three days to decide between resigning voluntarily and facing the ignominy of being asked by a majority National Assembly resolution in its first session next week to resign or face an act of impeachment.

"The establishment is not ready to have a former army chief impeached by parliament to prevent a precedent being set and thinks it is better to stave off the shame by avoiding it through a face-saving resignation," a source said.

The deposed chief justice, who is increasingly likely to be restored to his position along with the other 60 judges, will be requested not to pursue or entertain any petition that may be filed by any one before the rejuvenated Supreme Court or high courts to prevent a cycle of revenge and vendetta.

"Musharraf has also requested that, as part of the face-saving deal, he be allowed to make one last address to the nation, in which he wants to take the credit for free and fair elections," the source said. "However, it might be a recorded message rather than live and he will certainly not be allowed to cast a slur on any judge or political party."

While the source did not reveal what was the reaction of General Kayani to Musharraf's request for one last chance to address the nation as head of state, he said it was likely that it will be granted.

The source added that the army wants to avoid the likely raucous scenes of Musharraf's authority being heckled and booed in the first session of the National Assembly, particularly by the 70-plus members of former Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif's Pakistan Muslim League-N who plan to make fiery speeches against Musharraf amid slogans of "Go Musharraf Go."

Since Musharraf is likely to resign before the inaugural session is convened to swear in the newly elected MNAs and to elect the speaker and deputy speaker of the house, the session is likely to be smooth.

"With Musharraf having agreed to step down, either caretaker Prime Minister Mohammadmian Soomro will in the next two days be reverted to the position of chairman Senate or the acting chairman Senate will become acting president and take oath from the incoming prime minister and his cabinet of ministers," the source said.

"This is also likely to facilitate the Pakistan People's Party to convince the PML-N to nominate some ministers in the federal cabinet as Musharraf will no longer be president to take oath from them and there will be no excuse for Nawaz Sharif not to nominate ministers in the cabinet announced by Asif Zardari and the new prime minister," the source added.

The president's camp office issued a routine press release about the meeting between President Musharraf and General Kayani:

President Pervez Musharraf has lauded the professionalism, devotion to duty and sacrifices being rendered by Pakistan Army in safeguarding the country from external and internal threats.

The president made these remarks while talking to Chief of Army Staff Gen. Ashfaq Parvez Kayani who called on him at the presidential camp office in Rawalpindi today.

The president appreciated the role of the army for ensuring complete security during the recently concluded general elections in the country He also appreciated the measures which are being taken by the Pakistan Army in combating terrorism along the Pak-Afghan border region, in the FATA and Swat.

The general briefed the president about the ongoing operations against terrorism. They exchanged views on the internal security situation in the country, with particular reference to the role of Pakistan's army deployed on internal security duties.

©2008 OhmyNews
Original Article: OhMyNews.Com
Also at: Indus Asia Online Journal

Saturday, March 1, 2008


I think MQM is more of an actual “movement” (think Ba’athist, Fascist etc) than a political party like PPP or ANP. I think they constest elections to acculmulate political power, but from my limited browsing of their material, it is more of an indoctrination thing than a political thing.

I think from MQM’s perspective, they don’t really need to become part of mainstream politics or care much about it because they have successfully intimidated all national institutions and everytime someone doesn’t give them what they want, they start evoking the spectre of Fall of Dhakka.

Pakistani elites being wicked but abysmally lazy and idiotic as they are, don’t really want to fight any fights untill it is forced upon them. So MQM does get the best of both world… the government is too corrupt or too chicken to impose its “writ” on MQM and it’s hardcore followers and MQM knows it.

AH appeals to the most base instincts of the lower classes of society, and from their perspective, MQM and AH seems to deliver.. OTOH, most political parties have always ended up betraying their lifelong workers. I think this is key. I think the MQM followers (and the general population) has figured out that the Pakistani elites (I wouldn’t call it establishment) are fu*king idiotic and don’t give anything to any interest group until forced upon pain of death.

Now, which group deserves how much is a different issue, but MQM maybe suffering from a “Hal min mazeed’ syndrome rather than going for an equitable share for it’s constituents (their actions in this regard speak louder than words).

If you read some of the analyses of Altaf Hussain, they are quite simplistic, but they have been changing based on the conditions surrounding him. The thing that gives it weight is the cult like following of members who enforce his will through remote control… These are not necessarily the actions of a political party.

It might be worthwhile to break MQM-A into two groups political & armed ( a la IRA & Sinn Féin)

But AH is too smart to do that, because this way, when the forces come looking for the armed members, he can claim that “women and children” are being killed etc.

I don’t think Pakistani politicians have taken MQM (or AH for that matter) seriously, and this criminal oversight is eventually going to end in tears for everyone involved.

Originally posted on pkpolitics as a comment. pasted here for further development of these thoughts as time premits.