Saturday, March 15, 2008

Khwaja Asif declares War on Criminal Tinpot Generals

I was going to post some bookmarks, but I would say the whole speech is goo. Just ignore the shameless heckling that the Q members were doing to distract him. I can see now why Nawaz Sharif is not going back an inch on the Judiciary Issue.

I can also see how seriously the political class is willing to fight this time. The jurnails will have to be taught a lesson or we won't have a Pakistan anymore.

Bravo Khawaja Sahib, You have made me proud to be a Pakistani. We will win this fight!

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Amin Shakir said...

I am very much proud of Khawja Asif and our Leader of Muslim League (N). These Jurnails will have to be taught and to given them the lesson that time has gone when people said "Mera mahi chail chabeela hai ni jurnail ni, kurnail ni". Bravo Khawaja Asif keep it up and you will find 160 million people standing on the back of you and our leader Nawas Sharif.