Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Baba Vey kala maroR

I just happened upon this remix of the decades old hit Punjabi song the other day... I remember when we were little kids, "the older kids" used to sing this song and it always had a hidden significance ... it pointed vaguely to something sexual or erotic, but when you're that little you really can't figure out what the older kids are talking about... I'm amazed at how early kids start to become aware of things vaguely sexual or erotic in nature... A world that is forever left behind as the person grows..

it is as if we wade through pools of games, sayings, stories, memes as we grow older. The memes stay there, they become somehow part of us, but we keep moving on.. and a new batch of wild eyed kids enter the batch and learn the memes and games and legends all over again.

wonderful stuff.

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mobi said...

I am Punjabi myself but I dont understand it. Care to translate it?