Thursday, June 5, 2008

Constitutional Package: The Half Monty!

Pejamistri has done an excellent job and took the time to put the clauses and the changes in them in a color-coded form. He only did it for the parts that have become public through Daily Times etc, but it makes things much easier to follow than the original format published.

Here it is: "Constitutional Package - Comprehensive Review"

What we Pakistani's need is a "Constitution Wiki" Which shows the original Constitution(s) and all the changes made in them by various, ehem, "authors".

Good work Peja!!


Hashir Rasul said...

Any news on what happened to

Taban Khamosh said...

Hashir, I think they've moved servers or something and having some teething problems.. it's been up and down all day today.. I was able to login today, but it's flaky right now...

It'd be nice if they had a separate blog, now that I think of it! ;)

Hashir Rasul said...