Saturday, July 17, 2010

Maududi's books banned in Bangladesh.

Bangladesh, seeing what Pakistan is facing teetring on the edge of the abyss, has decided to ban the intellectual poison spewed by a party that calls itself "the Party of Islam" aka Jamat-e Islami.

From BBC, "Bangladesh bans books written by radical Islamic Scholar" (anyone know which madrassah he went to?) :
The Bangladeshi government has ordered mosques and libraries across the country to remove all books written by a controversial Islamic scholar.

The chief of the government-funded Islamic Foundation told the BBC that the books by Syed Abul Ala Maududi encouraged "militancy and terrorism".

You think?

Pakistani society however, has neither the guts, nor the historcial perspective to shutdown these merchants of death and anarchy. These very same merchants of death who once called Pakistan, "Na-Pakistan", and who within a few years became the "asli tay waDDay thekay-Dars of not only Islam but of Pakistan"... And we suffer under their treachery to this day.

There is an elephant sitting in Pakistan's proverbial drawing room half demolished by terrorists and their heinous blasts, and that is this so called "religious party" which is providing moral, logistical and intellectual (now cyber) support to the terrorist groups.

JI has a shamefully sordid history of supporting fascist, violent actions against the interests of the People of Pakistan. From sanctifying rapes of fellow East Pakistani women "captured" by the "army of truth" to being the overt shock troops of America for the filthy geopolitical wars conducted by America and it's Western gang of theives.

Even today, JI is supporting the terrorist actions and is acting as the PR cell and logistics cell of the terrorists networks operating within the country. It is quite obvious who, ultimately, will recieve benefits from these violent terrorist and anarchist actions being taken against the innocent People of Pakistan, and that is foreign powers who are hellbent on making Pakistan their permanent base of operations in the "new cold war"...

Once again the Islamo Mercenaries of Jamat Islami, it's fascist student wing and it's very organized cyber supporters are acting on behalf of foreign powers, destroying Pakistan, one of the few remaining bastions of Muslim power at the behest of their foreign masters, all the while crying themselves hoarse about Islam and Islami nizam (and murdering and intimidating those who dare to so much as even raise a verbal protest against their patently un-islamic actions)

This action by Bangladesh is certainly a response to what the whole world sees happening in Pakistan. The destruction, implosion and eventual takeover of the state by "Jihadi Proxies". Proxies whose strings will be pulled, via Saudi extremist regimes (themselves complete puppets of the west), to control Pakistan through extreme repression (in the name of Islam of course, modeled after the Saudi State Repression methods) and to execute the wishes of the thieving (but quickly aging west -- hence all the robots) .

Once again Pakistan will be used as a pawn, and once again the western "assets" in Pakistan, namely the kleptocratic elite, the army and most importantly, the "religious/islamic parties" will be used to enslave and subjugate the people of Pakistan, this time for another half century for fulfillment of the geo-political goals of the western powers.

India may have gained independence in 1947, but we have not lived for a minute but under the yoke of neo-colonialism. We became neo-slaves on 14th of August 1947. This is precisely why Maududi moved from India (which had a larger Muslim population and needed more "religious party support") to "Pak"-isthan. Because that is where the british wanted their most valuable asset, their fifth columnists, to be.

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