Sunday, July 4, 2010


Can someone please, for the love of all that is still decent and worth living for, tell me:


Ref: Suicide bombings a result of toeing US policy: Imran


LUBP said...

Taliban Khan is a moron liar !!!
Suicide-bombings started well-before 9/11 !!!

Red-Scorpion/Cogit Ergo Sum said...

Hi GoTK !

It's Red-Scorpion/Cogito Ergo Sum of PkPol !
Please join us (peterpan, zia m, lota6177, Javed Sheikh, netengr, and many more) @


Taban Khamosh said...

جہاں میں اہل ایماں صورت خورشید جیتے ھیں
ادھر ڈوبے ادھر نکلے، ا‘دھر ڈوبے ایدھر نکلے

I remember the time when the precursor to "LUBP" was mainly a hate site keeping logs of the "online blasphemies" that mbokhari and I were committing on PKP.

انھیں یاد ھو کہ نہ یاد ھو
ھمیں یاد ھے وہ ذرا ذرا

How times change...

Thank you for the invite. Much appreciated!

Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar said...

it ticks me off every time he opens his mouth. he was on Naseem Zehra's program a couple of days ago and she asked him a simple question about the need for mid term elections. he could NOT put together any reasonable, coherent, logical reply. it honestly shocked me. I expect very little of Imran but the man is the head of a political party. he goes around demanding mid term elections and he couldn't even give a reasonable argument for mid term elections. unbelievable! he stumbled and tried to rant. it was embarrassing.

and is it just me or is Naseem Zehra the only "anchor" who makes sense any more. Naseem Zehra and Nusrat Javed are the only two I can tolerate now.

Red-Scorpion said...
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Taban Khamosh said...

@Mutazalzaluzzaman Tarar: Hey it's good to see you're alive and kicking! TBH, I find him as an increasingly sad and tragic figure (at least when it comes to politics.)

I think he can't think for himself because he is constantly being fed BS from JI, and none of his ideas are ever challenged, and when they are, his sycophants convince him that those who oppose his views are merely 'haters'.

This is the biggest drawback of every single political party in Pakistan, and that is a complete lack of internal democracy.

And they connived to get rid of even the formality of pretending to have elections within the parties and they blind followers of every stripe quietly fell in line (No difference between PPP and PMLN here)

As far as Naseem and Nusrat are concerned, I haven't really been following the PK news so it's hard for me to comment on any recent changes but I always found them to be reasonable (along with Talat of course and occasionally Kashif abbasi)