Wednesday, July 14, 2010

A message to the "Oh so pious" 1% Wahabbi Minority

The following post was instigated by another pretentious post by another Wahabbi extremist masquerading, yet again, as "a true muslim", exhorting people to "destroy centers of shirk" (meaning the mazarat of aulia etc). (previously pointed out by Red Scorpion in the comments section)

That particular "gem" (or piece of garbage) is right here at PKP discuss titled "Demolish the "centers of shirk"..."

We will remain in this mess, that we find the Muslim ummah today, until we wake up and demolish the "Centers of Shirk", like data darbar and the likes of it, and believe in the Tawheed of Allaah Subhaanuhu wa Ta'aala the way the Sahaaba (may Allaah be pleased with all of them) believed in it.

Here is my response to it (which is probably in moderation in PKP for the time being even though I can't find a cuss word that I didn't carefully self censor):

The way I see it, a twisted, psychotic, 1% minority sect, namely takfiri wahabbi's, have NO RIGHT to tell the 99% that they are engaging in shirk.

Do us all a favor, Mind your own bloody (literally) business and do what you do best, which is fighting fake "jihads" to hand over victories to the western powers and wagging your tails in front of the fake monarchs of the "brother arab mumalik" who are just as foreign as amrika bahadur (and suck amrika's you know what) but that doesn't seem to 'click' with Lashkar-e-Pretentious one tiny bit!.

A miniscule 1% can't force the 99% to follow their twisted logic, unless they use extreme violence, and this is precisely why they do use violence.

I hope the original poster is happy since Data Darbar was attacked and hundreds were maimed and killed by takfiri dogs, made possible by moral support such as this.

We are sick and tired of you. Your fake "jihads" for Jews and Christians conducted by rabbi's and psyop "ulema"-e soo. We're sick and tired of your sick version of Islam and you murdering us in the thousands. We're sick and tired of you lording it over us and telling us we're all wrong and you, the shamefully small number not even 1 percent of the world's Muslim population (however shrill and violent) is right!

We're sick of your pretentious "hijab" and your pretentious 'shalwar over the gitta" and your promotion of arab culture as "authentic Muslim" culture and to top it all off your tiresome and constant badgering about "oh look, how pious we are... ... "

You may not like to hear this, but we're sick of this sh*t.

Leave us the F***K alone!

If you think you can take Pakistan. You got another think coming.

And just to rub it in your faces, here is Baba Bulleh shah reaching out from his grave, smacking you upside your proud, empty heads. He can still make a bunch of hindoo's stand up and dance to the chants of 'Allah Hoo'.

You on the other hand are good for one thing it seems. Innoculating the whole world against the faith you so pretentiously profess to 'love'.


Red-Scorpion said...

Excellent Sir Excellent !

GoTK you've taught a good lesson to MF Deobandi/Wahabi fundos at PkPol, soon they'll be crying and soon there'll be demands to ban you there :)

P.S. Pls remove my off-topic posts addressed to you in other thread(s).

Red-Scorpion said...

Wahhabism is the cause of terrorism in Pakistan

Anonymous said...

TK, Thats excellent, thanks a lot for writing what is also voice of my heart

waiting for more stuff from your side on diverse topics