Tuesday, July 29, 2008

A Tale of Two "Executives".

There are chief executives and then there are executives. Some check their balls in before entering the "people's" party and others show their balls to the world.

Here is an interview Brian Williams did with Public enemy Number 1: Mr. Ahmedinejad

Compare this confident, even cocky perhaps, attitude with that of our PM who looks scared, like a young little birdie that fell out of the nest is now at the mercy of the big bad sea-gulls. Look at the body language of this well dressed man, who is utterly useless as a prime-minister, more of a rubberstamp than Shaukat-Aziz the thief, and seems to look upon Bush as if adoring the sight of a great leader and holy saint!

I don't blame YRG. I blame a culture of cronyism and blind followership in Pakistani "political" parties. A tradition of UNDEMOCRATIC management of the political parties. YRG is just a symptom of what is wrong with our nation. I feel bad for the poor guy, his bad english evokes feelings of pity.

I blame Zardari and the mindless zombies who empower people like Zardari. But even Zardari and those people are not that blameworthy. I should blame Bhutto's, Wali's, Khan's (that is Imran Khani for those taking notes), and ALL other leeches who suck this nation dry generation after generation in the name of holy cows like "shaheed Bhutto", and "Shaheed Zia" and Shaheed this and shaheed that, Islam this, and Army that.

Most of all I should blame the apathetic and cowardly Pakistani people.

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