Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Buffoonery with a sinister intent?

Buffoonery with a sinister intent? By Shireen M Mazari

So can one simply brush off recent actions as one-offs and mere acts of buffoonery? Or is the sinister design now becoming more overt as the new political dispensation, especially the unelected string-pullers from Zardari to the bunch of strategically-placed advisers, make their moves riding roughshod over whoever or whatever stands in their way? While Parliament remains sidelined and the people buckle under the growing economic burden and a receding access to basic utilities, the state priorities are being remoulded to finally give the US and India what they want: a compliant, strategically weak and dependent Pakistan. The compromises at the nuclear level will have devastating long-term effects, just as undermining our strategic partnership with China will leave us permanently weakened.
Definitely worth the read!

So, the shit is about to hit the fan, and it strengthens my hunch further that Zardari is not only about to be sandbagged, he may be arrested again.

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