Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Looks like Zardari is FUCKED!

The dark cloud of despair rising again (The News International -- By Ansar Abbasi)

Some sobering words from Ansar Abbasi. I tend to believe his reporting and I think there really is some change in the offing. I pointed to as much in my post on pkPolitics the other day. The gist of that post was:

Looks like Zardari is going to get sand-bagged!

And sandbagging it is. Here are some rumours circulating the corridors of kleptocracy:
Some strange and almost unbelievable accusations are also being made against key players of the present set-up. One of them is suspected to be an MI-6 agent while a non-career diplomat is alleged to be close to CIA. And what has really been a disturbing report, shared by the source, is the alleged visit of a RAW agent to a top coalition leader's overseas residence.
So, looks like the inept, but slightly more competent bloaks over in "the establishment" (whatever the hell that means) are going to shuffle the deck one more time. And according to Ansar Abbasi:

"The situation is really scary now," a ruling MP said, admitting that things had not been properly handled by the present regime and now possibly there were little chances to escape the fate that was now like writing on the wall.

In his view and on the basis of his "educated guess", the exercise of 58(2)(b) is not a distant possibility. He said that President General (retd) Musharraf had lost his charm for the establishment and he too would be shown the exit door but only after he invoked the constitutional provision that empowered the president to dissolve the National Assembly and dismiss the government.
Hmmm... looks like NRO is going to be repealed as I predicted and Zardari is going to be extradited and end up in Adiala for sure this time and for a long time (as predicted by yours truly .... NOTE: this prediction will be deleted if it doesn't come true.. nyuk! nyuk! nyuk!)

Not only that, the "National Govt" may contain Q and N as well. After Musharraf gone, there will be less dramay baazi by Nawaz Sharif hopefully.

P.S. I wonder if they mean "Zardari" by the "top coalition leader" ??? hmm.... or is it Altaf Hussain?

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