Thursday, July 31, 2008

I blame the Kleptocracy.

Apparently, the "performance" of our "elected" prime minister has been rather dismal at his "muNh dikhai" to the American intellectual/Foreign Policy establishment. He CANNOT, repeat CAN-NOT speak or comprehend english properly. Why the FUCK does he have to go on in English then?

Here is a link to Yusuf/Yousef/Yousuf Raza/Reza Gaillani/Gilani/Gailani/Geelaani (phew) speech to the Council on Foreign relation and the question and answer period.

The Q&A is rather dissappointing and a cause for shame for all Pakistani's. This should be a mirror for our "security establishment" (I call them THE FUCKING KLEPTOCRACY) who have crippled our national life to the point that we have people like zardari in-charge of putting spineless, useless, incompetent people like YRG in places of power as expensive, useless show-pieces!. I'm sure one reason YRG is there is because he can't "upstage" zardari even if he wanted to.

Either that, or this was a clever ploy by YRG to fool the Americans into thinking he's harmless?

I got nothin!

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