Monday, July 28, 2008

ISI Flip Flop: "CoChairman" or Monkey with a gun?

The News International is reporting It was Zardari’s decision to control ISI

I can see how Rehman Malik is actually consolidating power under him and I eventually see him as a stooge "president" or civilian figure-head a'la Saddam Hussain and Husni Mubarak (he's got the hair for it).

Zardari thinks he is doing it because he can control "the ISI" through Rehman Malik. Yousef Raza Gillani is the MOST KHASSI prime minister I've ever laide my eyes on (along with Zafrullah Jamali and others)

But does Asif Zardari even KNOW WTF ISI does? How in the FUCK could he even propose such a thing? I'm sure this was proposed by someone else, but Zardari was made to believe it was the 'right thing to do'.

I'm not defending Zardari. Actually this is a charge sheet against him and his weak mental state and his complete lack of governance experience. He is like a monkey with a gun in his hand and he keeps pressing the trigger and then screaming and jumping up in the air when he hears the noise!

Mr. Zardari needs to stay out of governance issues, and let the fucking PM do his job! Either that or he needs to run for office and get a vote of confidence as PM and then do whatever the HELL he wants. If you want the power to do things, then you should also take responsibility for your boneheaded decisions.

Nusrat Javed has a point in today's Bolta Pakistan. Muhammand Khan Junejo showed more cojones than what our shamefully helpless "Prime" Minister has the ability or the wherewithal to show in all of his tenure (which, it seems, will be rather short).

This is EXACTLY why we need internal democracies in our political parties. Otherwise we'll keep getting Un-Elected people like Zardari and Rehman Malik who would keep giving the middle finger to "the people" as soon as they claw their way to power. We have UNELECTED people calling the shots, and the main reason is the elephant sitting in every "political" party's drawing room, and that is an utter lack of democratic values within the parties despite the hoo'ing and haw'ing about "democracy this" and "will of the people" that.

We need real democracy, and that doesn't mean just F&F elections and the Army staying out of politics, but also a culture of democratic values which starts with the political parties and which means the so called "leaders" have to stop treating them as personal fiefdoms, and the fucking workers have to stop acting like god-damned mindless drone-zombie-fanboi's and start asking for matters to be decided with grass roots democracy which means decisions are taken by elected party officials through democratic consultation process.

If we can have basic democracy within our political parties, with transparent non hereditary leadership selection and grooming process based on merit, we will see a leadership emerge which will not be just a bunch of selfish monkey's with state's power in their hands who treat it as their "piyo di jadaad".

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