Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Something happened on the way to dignity.

The Prime Minister Address "Incident" is the talk of the toon town!

My take:

Although I think SM should take responsiblity for this monumental FAILURE! some of this must fall at the feet of the PM as well. Him and Sherry “nasal” Klingon (thanks @nota) spent 10 minutes arguing about whether the picture of Jinna behind him should be the one wearing Sherwani or Suit?

And, Why the FRUCK would he NOT go through his speech? Why the Fruck would he NOT do at least ONE dry run? Why wouldn’t his “press secretary” take care of this very important detail?

Why? because he is a sockpuppet, surrounded by people who are the kleptocracy’s handpicked men and they are just looking at him like vultures look at a dying man in a desert.

YRG is turning out to be a more pathetic figure even than Fazal Elahi Choudhary in our unfortunate history.

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