Friday, February 8, 2008

Why we have NO RIGHT to be called a 'Nation'

Read this and weep!

Thanks to a comment by a reader (Shakeel sahab) I found out more about the painting hanging in the main hall of Lahore Museum, and it seems it has been literally destroyed because of the incompetence of the authorities!
From the link above:
But the inheritors of the artist’s majestic work have not been protective of Sadequain’s exceptional legacy. Rainwater seepage, heat and humidity are rapidly destroying the mural. Termite colonies have infested the wooden frames and canvases. A close inspection reveals that the edges of the paintings, which are folded over the wooden frames, have been most directly affected. Termites have eaten away at the canvases, leaving the paint layer hanging almost without support, and liable to break away at any moment. Large tears are also noticeable in many places.

Yes, those are termite nests hanging from this masterpiece! FOR FUCKS SAKE! And that COCKSUCKER is buying another fucking Gulfstream jet worth 60 million bucks???

Do we really have the right to call ourselves a nation when we can't even safeguard these immense treasures? In my eyes this man is an equal of Picasso or Rembrandt and look how we honor his love for the arts and his memory and his gift to use ungrateful fu*ktards!

I must apologize to the memory of Sadequain saheb. Indeed, we were not worthy!


daanish said...

typical low IQ post by someone so high on his love for the politics of a corrupt individual like NS that he has to blame even the lackadaisical attitude of the lahore museum on the president of the country. shameless filth.

Taban Khamosh said...

The lady doth protest too much! ;-)

Maybe you should make a high IQ post (or even a relevant comment at least?)

Thanks for visiting daanish.

Green Views said...

Taban Kahmosh: I accidently deleted two of your valuable comments left on our site http:/

Can we kindly impose upon you to please post those valuable comments again.

We apologize for any onconvenience this may have caused.

Moin Ansari

Taban Khamosh said...

Hello Moin,

NO worries! All I was doing was pointing out that the situation in Pakistan is not similar to the fake "color revolutions" that were affected in strategically important ex-soviet bloc states.

Just my opinion. Though I have tendencies to buy into the conspiracy theory advanced by some that Benazir was lured into Pakistan to be assassinated for certain strategic purposes.