Sunday, February 3, 2008

khol AaNkh zameeN daekh, falak daekh, fazaa daekh!

I have wanted to see this mural done by SaadeQain for sooo long.. there are so many flickr groups in Pakistan and in Lahore now, but it took a group of Indian tourists/visitors to look at something that has become routine for Lahoria's.. oh well... thanks anyway stranger tourists , :)


Shakeel said...

Hi Khamosh,

Can you provide more details about this art work? When Sadiqain did this? Where exactly in Lahore is this artwork situated?

Taban Khamosh said...

Hi Shakeel, I think this is the work about aadam, but not sure. I know this is painted on the ceiling of the Lahore Meuseum. We used to hang out there.. I'm amazed it is still there... what with the apathy towards arts in Pakistan.

Unfortunately I have not been able to find much on Sadiqain on the net. Maybe I have not used the right search terms. If you find anything please do share here, I will share what I know if I find out more.

Taban Khamosh said...

Shakeel, you might find this page useful.. I am not sure now if the mural on the ceiling of Lahore Museum is the "Genesis" one (khol AaNkh zameeN daekh...)

there is also a wikipedia page but I found the sadequain foundation page to contain more goodies. I have had the privilege of seeing two if his works in person (this one in Lahore Museum and the one in Punjab Univ. Library)

sadequainfoundation said...

SADEQUAIN Foundation is dedicated to discover, preserve, and promote Sadequain. Sadequain's murals can be found at State Bank of Pakistan, Mangla Dam, Lahore Museum, Punjab Library, Punjab University, Islamabad Sports Complex, Aligarh University, Banaras University, Abu Dhabi Power Station, and many more. All the murals are in dire need of repair.