Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Every DOG has his day!

And so does this one! Finally, me singing "maiN choTaa saa ik laRkaa hooN par kaam karooNgaa baRaay baRaay" to the point of driving my parents insane can finally be justified!

Yes Ladies and Gentlemen, yours truly has finally made it to the pages of The Pakistani Spectator. Nevermind that I am in the blogger interview section, suffice it to say that I am content with the knowledge that my interview html files sit with the interview html files of Ardsher Cowasjee and Dr. Ayesha Siddiqa Agha!

What else can this nacheez ask for? maybe a Plot in sector F of Islamabad? Sabar Paiee Sabbar!

Keh Aati hai urdu zubaaN Aatay Aatay!

But seriously, many thanks to TPS for giving yours truly the time of day!

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Talal said...

I like the term, yours truly :-)