Tuesday, February 12, 2008

My response to Revivalist.

I wrote this comment in response to one "Revivalist's" incessant posts about Khilafah being the end-all be-all of all that ails the "Ummah" Whatever that is.

It was a stream of consciousness post written in one sitting and I haven't made an effort to fix errors to keep that "rantish" flavor.

@revivalist: (this is long and rambling — you’ve been warned)

Nahmadu hoo wa….


Amma ba’ad!

Dude, I’d like to have an empire just as much as the next guy, and I commend you for lusting after an empire. I want europe to be my bitch rather than me and YOU being their bitches.

But Look, your methods are weak, and the basis you think is “intellectual” is not. All the articles you post follow the same pattern.

  1. long tiresome descriptions of what is wrong, and god knows a lot is wrong.
  2. Choice Ayaat from Qur’aan, to supposedly support the “intellectual article” at hand.. I mean really, how many Muslims will _actually_ bother going through a translation? And even if they do, you can very easily call them “gum-raah” (the criteria of “gum-raahi” being that they don’t agree with YOU)
  3. In the last paragraph you inject the completely illogical and unrelated “conclusion” which always is 1 & 2, therefore 3 (and 3 always is , “Khilafah! is the answer!”)
  4. If someone asks you to describe this “Khilaafah” you refer them to at least four long jibberish articles which basically follow 1,2 & 3 above..

So, yeah, this “Khilaafah” that you speak of, is basically a neo-islamic empire which would be very hard to achieve without revolutionary means. Your masters have figured this out already (thanks for coming out, but empires have been distributed already!) But what you are proposing to get there is to rewind the clock to some ambiguous time where YOUR clique gets to define what ISLAM is.. That is Tyranny my friend. You are advocating tyranny of your group over everyone who is naive enough to believe you, as you show them these dreams of an Islamic empire.

Well, education is education. Did Jibreel say “Recite!” or did he say “Recite that which is Islamic and non-secular!” ???

Didnt Muhammad say “Educate yourself even if you have to go to China”.. Pray tell my wel-informed friend.. do you consider your prophet to be so naive to think that there would be “Islamic education” in China? What do you think he was talking about?

The truth is that Muhammad and his initial followers were true revolutionaries and they followed the revelation and COMMON SENSE! They were ahead of their times.. and they looked FORWARD. They were in an existential fight… and when you are in an existential fight, you don’t do stupid shit like oh, let’s fall on our own knives.. that’ll show em! and while it is true the today’s Muslim is in an existential fight, due to their (your) jaahiliyyet, they cannot come up with solutions they should come up with. Which would be to have an education (secular or non secular) which gives people the power to do some thinking and see.

You, on the other hand, follow DOGMA & NONSENSE. You look a thousand years BACKWARD… You cargo cult (look it up) You think that by building straw planes, real planes will descend from the skies filled with chocolate and goodies.. Well you would be wrong! NO ABAABEEL FOR YOU!!

The best today’s “revivalists” (present company excluded of course) can come up with is to turn more inward, blame the loss on not following Islam insanely enough and therefore they grow their beards longer, wear weirder and weirder clothes and stick “Islamic” lable on everything .. It’s not a song, its a “Nasheed” so it’s okay for our fashionable hijab clad nubile young ladies to go into an Islamic Nasheed concert and lust modestly after the young bucks with their comely “islamic” beards. Well, just by calling something “islamic” it doesn’t become islamic. And you don’t have to call everything islamic. Just follow the basic principles and don’t treat God like an idiot.

Islam is not ritual. And a contiguous landmass with one IDIOT at the helm is no good if you as a population are too stupid to keep it. And believe me, the majority is too stupid. And your “educational attempts” are not helping because they are illogical, they don’t build a case, but use the Tire and Convince methodology I mentioned above.

This is why I say if Umar (your supposed hero and role model) saw this ridiculous shit, he would really take you weenies to task. Everything that is hard is un-islamic in your eyes. Fighting the 50 year slow fight is hard, creating educational and democratic institutions is hard, but talking about Khilafah is easy, so you want to sit around get erections over how TOTALLY AWESOME the “Golden Era” was and how muslims invented “Manjaneek”.. well get over it folks, the Romans invented Manjaneek and all the Muslim inventions were because of furthering this so-called secular knowledge that they discovered from the conquered areas.. (aka Greek knowledge)

You know the BEST Muslim inventions were in Philosophy and Mathematics? The same philosophy and rational thought that the IDIOTS in the last days of Andalus worked hard to ban, and the same philosophy that rebooted the European renaissance? As europeans took cartloads of books out of Toledo as your intellectual ancestors were busy burning the shit out of the best libraries that Spanish Islam had put together?

I know people like you like to get hard-ons over Andalus, but what made Andalus Andalus was the very same things you despise and work against even to this day! And what gave europe the light and eventually the power to hunt you down like stray dogs from a thousand miles away was the very same rational and logical thought. That you would ban NOW, after ALL THIS!!!.

Well, you ban common sense and you end up where you are, talking about khilafah and empire without any hope of achieving either, because you refuse to take the first step (and no it is not posting about Khilafah on news forums) It is education and common sense (ever wonder why they used to teach Fiqh AND Mantiq in the old era schools? because people, without logic cannot apply Fiqh… and this is the revelation that you Brainiacs still haven’t figured out)

So Europe didn’t throw away all that knowledge like you would have us do. Because when you follow nonsense like describing abstract concepts like natural truths to be “Islamic or Non-Islamic” you end up being humiliated by ruffians who flush the Quran down the toilet just for fun. And all you can do is stupid impotent protests and talk about “Khilafah” as if that’s the magic pill that will fix your humiliation. Your humiliation is NOT because you don’t have a contiguous landmass ruled by one Khalifah, it is because you have a bunch of idiots running around not knowing what is going on. You have centuries of degeneragion NOT because you didn’t follow the ritual enough but precisely becaouse YOU ONLY followed the ritual and forgot about the common sense principles.

So, I got news for you, the cows in the slaughterhouse can “protest” all they want, but eventually they end up on someone’s plate as delicious steak.

This is the relationship that you have with YOUR masters. You talk about expanding and consolidating the pasture.. yet you miss the point by a hundred miles. You don’t think like the predator and the shepherd that herds you to your doom. They put you in different pens, they take you from one and shift you to another.. and all one hears is… baaaa baaaaa baaaa khilaaafaaaah!! baaaa

This was posted on pkpolitics.com Feb 6th, 2008 (4:14am). As of this writing, I have not recieved a direct response from Revivalist, though s/he has been posting quite a bit in the Discuss section. This, despite vociferous urging by other readers who seemed to like my rant, but wanted to see "Revivalist"'s rebuttal.

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