Monday, February 25, 2008

On the “Treachery” of Political Parties

On “Treachery” of Political Parties (especially Asif Zardari et. al)

I think the Lawyers/Judiciary movement needs to step back and recover from the post-election euphoria and set their own independent course. After all, most of the parties, at least officially, sat the whole 2007 democracy/justice fracas out while lawyers, students and housewives were getting laaThi-charged. Well, I think they’re fully charged now and should start electrocuting the pro-establishment forces.

We shouldn’t have held too many hight hopes from the mainstreams parties who we clearly saw cavorting with the establishment forces. If BB was alive, she would have made up some excuse to go with friggin Peja Tarmeemi , despite the popular sentiment to the contrary.

So, let us not waste too much time on crying about the parties deceiving us yet again and get ready for battles ahead. After all, most parties in Pakistan, including those claiming to be middle-class anti-feudal terrorist types, are stlll feudal (rural or urban) in their basic makeup and their interests and the interests of the Pakistani civil society at large are diametrically opposed.

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