Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Economist throws a Hissy Fit! Oy!

The cover story against Iran in the latest issue of the Economist sounds more like a desperate attempt at war mongering than an honest attempt at objective analysis of the situation. Something that one would expect, given one didn't know any better.

First they take America's "duff" spies to task for fucking up a golden opportunity to bomb the shit out of these camel fuckers.
WHO would have thought that a friendless theocracy with a Holocaust-denying president, which hangs teenagers in public and stones women to death, could run diplomatic circles around America and its European allies? But Iran is doing just that. And it is doing so largely because of an extraordinary own goal by America's spies, the team behind the duff intelligence that brought you the Iraq war.

Then they raise doubts about the loyalties of one MOE-HA-MUDD AL-BARRA-DDEY (Did you notice something? specifically that there is a Mohammad in there? Alarm belles ringing yet? Goddammend those writers at 24.. they're not doing their jobs anymore!) who obviously is a douchebag too incompetent to build a case at will against any country WE (try to figure out who that is) want to bomb the shit out of.
At the same time, Iran is finding an ally in the International Atomic Energy Agency (IAEA). Its director-general, Mohamed ElBaradei, is a Nobel peace-prize winner who is crusading to confound those he calls “the crazies” in Washington by helping Iran to set its nuclear house in order, receive a clean bill of health and so avert the possibility of another disastrous war.

Good news is that they think Iran can still be encircled... oh goodie! another 2 million dead! As long as the existential threats are neutralized, all's well in the genocide blinders department!

P.S. BTW -- on a subconscious mind tweaking note -- did you notice the shape of the "fuse" in the above graphic? yes, it deliberately looks vaguely like a letter of the big bad oriental script that [hush] Them Barbarians [hush] use! sssshhhhh....!

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