Sunday, December 21, 2008

Wham, Bam, Thank you Imam

NOTE: This post was prompted by a post by @nota on pkpolitics who reminded the audience about my utter hatred for the failure of the jurnaili-culture that exists in our armed forces. I am not against the Military or Defense, but I'm vehemently against the military's shennanigans especially that of the top brass who think they "OWN" this country called Pakistan and can play whatever game they want to play with it. NO NO NO!

here is the excerpt from my comment to @nota on this particualr topic (btw we're on the same page on this... as he points out in his comment right after teh collection of quotes)

Re: what I've had to say about Jurnails, I still stand by it and I don't think any of my statements can be characterized as a 'change of stance'.

First of all thanks for collecting my excellent and most quotable thoughts in one place. I do hope you took the time to quote me properly and didn't do a lazy job like the last time when you misled other venerable posters into thinking I said all that in one paragraph. :)

Moving on...

My problem is with the institution itself and the most visible symptom of that is the leadership in our military and that relates directly back to the system of education & indoctrination that does not take into account the constitutional role of armed forces and their obligations towards the constitution.

Obviously, none of this bothered 'the beardos" all the time they were being used by this very same corrupt military like re-usable condoms, because the two had a rather "intimate" (some say incestuous) relationship.

It is in the catastrophic breakdown of this relationship that we see scorned beardo's finding catharsis in taking dead-bodies out of graves and pissing on them and hanging them in public. And their cyber-cohorts, venerable posters like the ones we see in action on this thread do the same "virtually". Not satisfied with the death of an SSG jurnail, in which they take secret pleasure, They take revenge on the "alleged" (did you bother to notice the use of word in my posts?) relatives of the said jurnail.

But this relationship that the beardo's mistook for "going steady" was actually more like a "one night stand" on behalf of the world pimp called "Unky Sam".

So, after the "Wham, Bam, thank you Imam" of the 70's, 80's and 90's , the Military and Unky Sam have moved on to juicier whores (India?) but the mullah's are still standing around, holding their bags of horse-shit wondering what happened to their tight virgin kootch, that they were 'saving for the rightful caliph'.

So, "till death do us part" it is for the beardos. I have no sympathy for either of these American whores. Military Junta, corrupt jurnails and the goddamned Beardo's who were the willing accomplices of these very same jurnails and the instrument's of Pakistan's destruction.

It is poetic justice that these two groups are now at each others throats, locked in a death grip.

Pakistan was lost through the actions of these two whores, and at least I will have the satisfaction of watching both of these evil entities destroy each other like the rabid dogs that they were trained to be for Master Zion.

For the record, I have no personal grudges against or love for this Gen. Alvi, but common decency demands that we don't torment the family of a dead person. That's just me the 'abusive' 'liberal fascist' talking here. Because I'm sure someone is going to quote me "Hazrat" Muavia now to tell me how it is okay to piss on a deadbody n all.

Also, we wouldn't have to waste our breath on this stupid debate, had not someone found it to be an opportune time to post two Jamatia articles in a row (and I thought this was a PML-N outfit... shows how much I know).

Not only that, that bravehearts at PKP who posted this article without disclosing the name of the author, later changed the name of the original islamist propaganda piece to the title "The story of General Alvi" from a much more accusatory and inflammatory (not to mention WRONG) title of "Traitors Amongst us? blah blah blah"

Dual citizenship of this guy is a hooooooooooo biiiiigggg problem but the fvcking chechens and uzbeks are MOOOZLUM BROOOZZZERS who must be catered to and allowed to screw Pakistan in the arse because they're fighting some dumba$$ "jihad" ... to what purpose,,, god only knows. But I'm supposed to trust the judgement of some dumb fvckwit beardo who has NO education (NOT EVEN DARS-E-NIZAMI) but he feels qualified to be a Qazi AND jallaad at the same time and if some actual aalim-e-deen dares to correct this dog, he shoots that aalim anyways.

I protest against this Klashnikov Islam!

Traitors amongst us? oh nooooo! not them beardo's ... they're the ones who will "protect us" (apparently from their zionist 100 layer deep handler networks -- for whose attack they provide justification and pretext)


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Adeel said...

Although, I don't really understand the context of the post... but I find myself completely agreeing to what you have said about the mullah-military alliance. Together these two groups of people undermined our entire nation and systematically weakened it, planting hatred among people, breeding contempt and intolerance for each other.