Saturday, December 13, 2008


The Pakistani nation spent Rs. 22 Billion "on ejjumakashun of his yungsturrz" for the WHOLE YEAR 2008 and spent approximately Rs 50 Billion on Qurbani animals on ONE SINGLE DAY of eid-ul-adha.

The day of sacrifice! We literaly sacrifice our young at the alter of... hmm god knows what the fuck we sacrifice our young for.

Here are the calcs (source Jang News and World Report Akhbar Thingamajiggy):

There are 5 million skins projected to be collected.

1 goat skin = Rs. 250 avg.
1 cow skin = Rs. 1200 avg.
Assume goat:cow ratio is 75:25 percent.

Total money pot = 3750000 * 250 + 1250000 * 1200 = 937500000 + 1500000000 = Rs. 2,437,500,000

Total money from this Eid skins = Rs. 2.5 Billion. (USD $32,939,189)
Total cost of qurbani animals (if skin is 10% of total animal) = Rs. 25 Billion.

Since the price of an animal's raw skin is around 5% of total cost, the total amount spent by Pakistani Muslims on this Baqr-Eid 2008 comes out to be around... are you sitting down?

Rs. 50 Billion (Fifty Billion/Urrab Rupees!!!!) in 1 DAY

Compare that to ....

Pakistan's Education budget for 2008 = Rs. 22 Billion? (I think)



Anonymous said...

this is fucking crazZZy...!!!

i was actually thinking about this the other day. but the figures are preposterous. how come bloody beggars like us afford such lavish bullshit (and other parts of the said bull).

but then thinking it through, all this led to money changing hands... generated some economic activity, which is good (reportedly the army stepped into bakra mandi business as well - - not sure how reliable the source is.).

but anyhow the effect is not sustainable... this is once a year thing. my bet is still on education.

i was think of declaring qurbani haram... but i reckon that'd be too extreme,,,

Taban Khamosh said...

Well, I wouldn't go as far as asking for qurbani to be declared haram.

But come to think of it, if a pakistani had the choice of spending 22 rupees on school fees for his kid all year, but spent 50 rupees on eating meat in one day, would we call it fair?

Wouldn't that person not be considered 'poor' ? would the qurbani even be 'farz' or 'vaajib' on a person of that financial stature?

Then how come, as a nation, we think we can spend double the amount of our national education budget on this ritual in ONE DAY?

The point I'm trying to raise is that we as a nation are destitute. We are destitute precisely because we are ill-educated. And this ignorance needs a sacrifice.

How nice it would be if Pakistani's took the money for the sacrifice and gave it to a charity or to deserving students' fees???

What if we did not spend that money FOR ONE YEAR ONLY on qurbani but gave it all to the NATIONAL EDUCATION FUND ???? 50 billion rupees could go a long way to injecting some much needed life blood into our dying society.

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is definitely not fair.

Even if people contented themselves with sacrificing one goat (instead of 2, for example) and gave away the rest of their money (that they were intending to spend) for general welfare of the community, it would make a huge difference.

The fact that many people may be sacrificing more for ostentatious purposes (including to cheer up their kids) show that the mullah's have obviously not done their job right.

Anonymous said...

I think you all are sick people with out any knowledge of religion. Why don't you think of not taking a cup of tea daily which is not our own product, or not eating Paan, not smoking, not wearing designer's cloths, not using internet for porn, entertainment and worthless chatting, not going to restaurants, not spending billions of rupees on making homes in defence ...... list is countless..... you just want to criticize a religious ritual because it's easy in this material world and you cannot understand the human need for spiritual purification and spiritual needs because religion is secondary thing for you. If the education budget is only 22 billion it is the fault of the corrupt government and bureaucracy and it has nothing to do with religion. Why do you select such incapable and corrupt leaders..... may be the whole society has become corrupt and incapable of judging good from bad...... again due to distance from religion.

Adeel said...

Yes, the third Anonymous is also correct with his/her list.

But dude (or dudette), you do agree with the point being made, right? The essence of sacrifice is not slaughtering millions of animals each year (it is symbolic).

And that if this money was spent on something as basic as education (which I'm sure you would accept that Islam also endorses), it would be much better for the society as a whole... compared to, for example, eating excessive meat for a month. :-)

Pak Qurbani said...
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