Friday, December 5, 2008

Was Mumbai a False Flag by a Hindu Suicide Squad?

I think the world needs to seriously consider the following possibility:

Is it possible that the Hindu Terrorist organizations in India -- taking a page from the original suicide bombers, the Tamil Tigers of Sri Lanka (whose terrorist operations the Indians openly support TO THIS DAY!!!!) -- have started doing suicide operations themselves?

This has been done before, and none others than the Hindu's (i.e., the Tamil 'tigers')

Were the mumbai attackers the first instance of HINDU SUICIDE TERRORISTS inside India?
Who gave their lives for the bigger cause of destroying the arch enemey? Pakistan?

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Stewie said...

One thing that has consistently amazed and disappointed me is the tendency of human race to polarize on issues completely. For example on one side you will see people who think that global warming is causing all the world's problems and on the other side people think that it is a hoax and a conspiracy theory. Similarly either people are completely pro-life or pro-choice, conservative or democrats.
We have to stop seeing everything in black and white! It is not black and white!
We must learn to see everything with multiple perspectives. Be impartial when evaluating situations. Stop being deaf and blind in trying to defend a cause.
The issue now is that in India, people fanatically think that Pakistani government, ISI and everyone in Pakistan is responsible for the Mumbai attacks and they should be attacked. In Pakistan people are in complete denial, equally biased and coming up with conspiracy theories claiming that there is no possibility of any Pakistani involvement.
If both the sides would just stop being so insulate and see the issue at its face value then the answer maybe that there might be some elements from Pakistan involved in the attack. It is not very hard to imagine if you think about it . Its a global world after all. Having multiple elements from multiple countries pulling off this attack is not a far-fetched possibility. Similarly having these elements does not necessarily imply that the Government or ISI is responsible. It does not mean that the whole Pakistan is evil and must be destroyed.
Everyone has to work together to resolve this issue. It is going to get worse if we keep on taking extreme sides.

Dave said...

There is more evidence that the Mumbai terrorists came from Pakistan than there was that Osama Bin Laden was behind 9/11.

But India should not make the same mistake as the US and should show more restraint.

Already Pakistan is falling apart as a nation. In a few years it will break up into 3 or more countries (like Yugoslavia) - a Pashtunistan, a Baluchistan, a Sind and a PakPunjab. If India takes any overt action, this would just unite the Pakistanis and delay the breakup.

Best thing is to let the US handle the terrorists and watch Pakistan fall to pieces on its own

In any case Pakistan has its own karma to reckon with, see

Taban Khamosh said...

Dave, you're probably right re: the identity of the attacker. It's too late to cry foul over "who killed who" (in Monty Python parlance)... but yeah.. Pakistan has shitload of 'karma' to contend with but the thing is that they got used, and in the final analysis, it is nobody's fault but ours. :(

Balkanization is a real possibility, but it aint over till its over, and since I'm biased, I'm keeping my fingers crossed that it never comes to that.