Monday, December 15, 2008

Pakistanis come out in droves to support JuD - NOT!!!

Massive rally in support of Jamat-ud-Dafa :

I counted a venerable OCEAN of pakistani’s who came out in defence of this ‘charity’ that just happens to publish a weekly called “Ghazwa” with a brandished sword with articles in it preaching jihad ie; armed resistance within/without Pakistan.

I counted 51 people holding banners, and 25 ambulances. The numbers look right to me. on average an ambulance has a crew of 3.

Time to rethink strategies. Time to allow civilian control over foreign policy. Time to shutdown self-destructive outfits like JuD who do nothing but embarrass Pakistan and endanger Pakistan.

Courtesy of Daily Waqt December 15, 2008

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