Saturday, August 23, 2008

This Kashmiri Protest is a FAILURE (Dharna ni diya!)


nota said...

Surprised you haven't put up a post about the new call for dharna.... :)

Taban Khamosh said...

hehe .. personally I think Kashmir rallies are a direct consequence (and based on the template of) the Pakistani Lawyer's movement.

I expect the lawyers rallies to do the "mild thorn/irritant in the side" job which eventually turns into the chinese torture (drip drip drip?) and drives zardari crazy and insane. ;)

there are fun times ahead. :)

nota said...

Fun times ahead indeed! With Q raised from the dead, Fuzlu licking his chops, MQM in the federal cabinet ... (who's idea of fun is that?)

Speaking offun times, don't know whether you caught it but guess who said "You generals don’t have any morality even in uniform, let alone without uniform"?

nota said...

Sorry, messed up the link above. Should be: