Wednesday, August 27, 2008

"The Road to Islamabad, Goes thru Gujarat?"


Don't say I didn't say so.


Shirkuh said...

I won' is obvious.


For those who don't understand TK's equation



Am I right or did you something else on your mind?

Btw: Are you still in favour of AA? Isn't it clear that he has accepted AZ as his BOZZZ?

Shirkuh said...

BUT I would wish that PML-N stay away from PML-Q. The Qutta league can backstab NS anytime. Qutta-league have proven that they are opportunistic by nature and cannot be trusted. Better for NS to wait and let ZPP commit suicide. "Sabr ka phal mitha hota hai", but I don't believe NS will wait for that long. Pakistani politicians have habit of thinking (if at all they think) on short term benefits including NS i.e. NS will sooner or later join forces with Qutta-gang and thus become (more) infested.

Taban Khamosh said...

Hey Shirkuh, I actually meant it more in the merger sense.. I didn't think of the mathematical possibilities (and implications thereof) too much.

Personally I think Q is just how the 'political class' works in Pakistan, and sooner or later, this was bound to happen. My 'glass half full' theory is that the 'q' rank and file sans the choad-ries will learn something from the N faction.

But I see your point. Our politics can't move ahead until our political class start walking the walk of the "Iqtidar nahiN iqdaar ki siyaasat".

I personally don't blame sharks for being predators and politicians for being ambitious and wily, as long as they stay within certain limits.

The Zardari cat is still not fully out of the bag, but the N+Q merger will probably make things interesting. And that (IMO) is as it should be.

I support AA and his pro-judiciary cause, but I think he can be more effective as a dissident voice within the party as opposed to being an outsider. In any case AA and people like IK have done great advocacy work instead of just kneading white man's gonads (as our feudals are wont to do) and we'll start to see some dividends soon (if not already).

Unfortunately, the fight is a long one. I don't like AA's fence sitting but given the political scenario, he's probably trying to make the best of the situation.

My personal opinion now is that the lawyers and pro-judiciary forces now need to step back and regroup and devise a new strategy.

They've been patching up an anti-musharraf strategy to work against the emerging threats (Zardari's rise to civilian autocracy).

I was afraid of this combo (Kiyani + Zardari) becoming the new agents of the American Middle Eastern command.

Shirkuh said...

Maybe you are right that one should not jump to (early) conclusions about AA, but one gets worried in this situation, where the nation is facing severe
- if not life threatening - difficulties on several fronts, and sadly we (or rather ZPP) have still not been able to solve a single (significant) issue yet in almost 7 months. The way Moshe was removed is not a significant issue since they have not undone his crimes yet i.e. restoration of judiciary, 58.2(b), stop the civil war in NWFP etc. Instead we are witnessing another unholy alliance of Kiyani and AZ - just like you
have mentioned.

"I personally don't blame sharks for being predators and politicians for being ambitious and wily, as long as they stay within certain limits."

Exactly....It is not a crime to be wily. That is a neccesity in politics if one wants to achieve important goals. If at all PML-N is going to make a merger then they should take back all Q-dogs and then after a while throw those (mostly old) dogs out, who are ready to make compromises on anything for a few coins. That would be a clever/wily move
by PML-N. By doing that a considerable part of the most corrupt politicians will (hopefully) be out of politics or at least be marginalised i.e. become a "tonga party",
which is one of their own favorite terms about other parties they couldn't counter with arguments. Sheikh Rasheed is in the process of making a "tonga party",
the same with Ejaz-Ul-hulq and
the chor-dries will be on their way to do that if PML-N make the above mentioned move.....he.he.hhe :-)