Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The growing list of ambassadors at-large

The growing list of ambassadors at-large

Till recently, there was only one ambassador at-large, Sharifuddin Pirzada, who was appointed more than a decade ago and still continuing, but after the commencement of the present regime, the number of such appointees has reached 10. This category of appointment has become a kind of new tier in the Foreign Office.

Besides Pirzada, ambassadors at-large, include Khalil Ahmad, who is also chairman of the Task Force on Recruitment, Kareem Khan Agha, Salman Farooqi, who is also deputy chairman Planning Commission; Hussain Haqqani, who is currently serving as Pakistan's ambassador to the US; Nasir Ali Khan, Hamid A Kidwai, Zia Isphahani, Dr Akbar Khwaja, and Anchor Javed Malik of the ARY Television.
This explains why Javed Malik was acting like such a goddamned spineless grovel-boy when it came to Zardari and PPP's point of view. All his programs contained defense of PPP positions. Obviously, my concerns on this count were dismissed by god-damned fuck-nut mental midgets who can't tell their fucking faces from their asses, but find it suitable to opine on every goddamned well considered opinion presented on a public forum.

And btw, who is this Hamid Kidwai? Any relations to Mr. Khalid Kidwai? the guy incharge of (and incidentally aware of the locations of) Pakistan's nukes?

I guess they would have called me cray-zee in 1982 had I told some NITWITS that Serbs seemed to be in control of all the important strategic civil/military positions in the "Hunky Dory People's Republic of Yugoslavia" ??

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