Friday, April 3, 2009

A new world is being born

When will be the next world war which will make official the Next World Order?

More at: The Big Picture (Boston Globe)


Hassan Naveed Cheema said...

Y do u believe that the new world order will bring something better 4 this world...i think it will be a more tyrannical and direct system with One World Government controlled by luciferian/satanist zionists?
And that too at a cost of a mass killing ritual/sacrifice in form of a nuclear war...
(Regular viewer/fan)

Taban Khamosh said...

Hassan, by "New World Order" I don't mean the stereotypical conspiracy-theory stuff, but it is my conviction that there is always a "re-negotiation" of power relationships between "the rulers" and "the ruled" world over whenever there is a paradigm shift in the means of communication.

Most revolutions happen after new means of communication become available to the masses (the ruled) and therefore the level of awareness of "the ruled" gets to the point where "the rulers" have no choice BUT to give in.

The current information revolution sweeping the world is harbinger of one such "New" world order. A new, permanent change in the lines drawn between the rulers and the ruled.

Usually such paradigmatic shifts are accompanied by major wars. In our case, because of the global nature of the world, the change/war will also be global.

I see it as an eventually hopefull thing. Kinda like the French Revolution ended up being 'a good thing' despite the murder and mayhem that was localized for those decades historically.