Sunday, March 29, 2009


"Just because it is not your fault does not mean it is not your problem"

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Anonymous said...


why you are not active on pkpolitics these days. I am one of your fan and request you to participate again in pkpolitics discussion


Taban Khamosh said...

hey "fan" .. I'm just busy with some stuff... and not really following up on the goings on on pkp these days. I think we need a properly moderated no-holds barred discussion site which doesn't favor one side over other... and currently none of the sites fill the bill. most of them are trying to be media sites or party organs ... I just don't have the time to contribute anymore to unmoderated sites.

pkp isn't doing it on purpose, I think their focus is just not conducive to constructive discourse anymore. and frankly, I'm sick of watching ppp, pml etc douchebags blurt out party talking points.

after the long march there needs to be a refocusing of effort and time spent and I think subconsciously I'm going through that process right now ...

thanks for commenting.

Anonymous said...

Dear TK

Nice to see you once again active on pkpolitics. You made excellent comments and used the language which these so called "Care Taker of Islam" understands..pls keep this up. You are the one who can counter the crap and poison spread by nota and others on pkpolitics