Friday, March 13, 2009

3.13.09 - Day Two - Long March For Rule of Law is Still ON!

Islamabad is quaking in her pretty little red slippers. By some accounts at least a hundred thousand people are already in Rawalpindi and Islamabad staying hidden until they converge on the "Constitution Avenue" on March 16th 2009.

Rauf Klasra is reporting that our "kleptocracy" and her "foreign owners" have realized that Zardari may have become a liability. He is to be sidelined and some key demands are to be met. Kiyani has met Zardari and the PM multiple times.

Javed Hashmi relating that people are being dragged out of their houses, half naked. Other reports are that A human rights worker was arrested in Islamabad. A worker's leg was broken by the police as they tried to detain her. Sindhi women activists were brutally treated by the authorities and their crime was that they wanted to join a peaceful long march.

But Aitezaz came on the phone and said that the long march was on! Nawaz League stayed or left, the lawyers movement for Rule of Law would proceed as planned. They will not believe any "tassali tashaffi" from the likes of Rehman Malik and Zardari. He said that the main deficit was that of trust which the Zardari regime had squandered away.

So, it is day 2. The long march has already succeeded by creating the panicked response in these incompetents and we have seen them make fools of themselves on the international scene. 2000+ articles in Google news regarding this event and counting.

Could we see a stronger prime minister come out of this? Could we see a more independent judiciary?

This is why I wish there was a charter of demands, enforceable via parliamentry drafts of bills ALREADY prepared by the lawyers movement.

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