Saturday, April 11, 2009

Interview with Shahabuddin Yaqub Qureishi (Election Commissioner of India)

An interesting interview with S.Y.Qureishi, on of the 3 election commissioners of India. It is interesting to note that India has implemented an all electronic voting system. I don't know if something like this would work in Pakistan given that here, with the state structures of administration dissolving rapidly, it is kind of hard to stop a couple gunmen who take over a booth, kick everyone out and vote as they please.

Still, in hopes of better days to come, it might be something that we should do as well.

Blurb about S.Y.Qureishi:
Shahubiddin Yakub Quraishi is one of India's three election commissioners. A career official, he is keen to throw off the dusty image of his bureaucratic profession.
He reveals that he plays guitar and keyboards in a rock band, a pursuit he says he finds most therapeutic. And it could be the perfect antidote to organising the hundreds of millions of voters who go to the polls this month in the world's biggest elections.

The Interview site is here if the above link doesn't work.

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