Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The Price of the Mullah

SINCE use of Islam became central to British machinations, it is important to take a close look at how they went about it. The diaries of NWFP Governor Sir George Cunningham reveal the variety of ways these heretics conspired to employ for their own selfish ends pious Muslim leaders and the devotees of the Prophet of Islam (May peace be upon him).

The diaries are preserved in the India Office Library in London among his personal papers. They are available to anyone for verification or research. I obtained official copies of these on requests.

I am conscious that the diaries mention names whose exposure will cause deep hurt to their present descendants, but I consider it a duty to the nation that it be told of the tactics adopted by the colonial power to prolong its reign. The people should know this lest any other power in future tries again to usurp their right by using the sacred name of Islam.

When one reads the Cunningham diaries one is amazed how very respectable, angelic persons, even some who had been trained in as inspiring and ennobling an institution as Deoband, had allowed themselves to be used for the cause of the British. With Quran in hand and the Prophet’s teaching around their necks they went and sold off their conscience and their faith in return for a few pieces of silver.

Creating communal and religious splits among Indians and using these for their own ends had been standard British practice. In NWFP, however, they were faced with the problem that the Muslims here were in such majority that they had no fear of non-Muslim ascendancy. Besides, the Pushtoons had such confidence in themselves that they could not conceive of ever becoming subservient to anyone. Those who had defied as powerful and ruthless a nation as the British couldn’t be intimidated by any one else.

The British therefore adopted a special tactic here – in the province generally, in the tribal and Afghan areas in particular. It consisted in winning over the mullahs and making them their local support against the Russians. With the 1917 revolution in Russia the Czarist military legacy had acquired an ideological force as well. The later specially needed to be reckoned with. The British settled on Islam as an appropriate counterpoise.

There was a good precedence. When the British had first encountered real danger from Afghanistan in the form of Amir Ammnullah Khan they had successfully used Islam. It was used at that time against Muslims themselves and against the Pushtoon king of an Islamic country. Later, when war clouds began gathering over Europe, they again used Islam politically against threats to their power in India. There seemed no reason why the formula could not be repeated against an ideological conflict with the Russian.

-- Facts Are Sacred -- Khan Abdul Wali Khan

Pakistan was created to fight the russian threat. When the british left, they had already created "stay behind networks" which are controlling this nation to this day.

The rest is bullshit fed to the simple minded masses.


Rabia said...

great excerpt. NWFP history pre-partition shows the League in a really bad light, imo, especially when they worked with Olaf Caroe (Cunningham's successor) to try and get Mountbatten to agree to dissolve the Congress ministry after 1946. It really doesn't jive well with their "constitutionalist" reputation.

oh well, Pakistan is what it is.

Taban Khamosh said...

Rabia, it seems to me the league never stopped acting like they did before partition. They were a party of Quislings and reading these accounts (whose authers, if Pakistani, were denounced as "traitors" at the time ) is always an eye opening experience.

The actions of the Indian Muslim League with "Quaid Azam" (how pretentious!) seem no different than the bay-haya actions of the Q-league for Musharraf. Wali khan really ruptures the "Myth" of QA.

They've always been the King's party. Except that occasionally the factions keep breaking off into parties who just can't bear the hypocrisy and humiliation and start acting like real parties (latest may be pml-n?).

Now I understand why they got rid of history from the school books. The past actions of our "heroes" (as declared by Munh-Kaala Pakistan) are too embarrassing to note and it takes too much work to twist everything to look hunky-dory! So they just got rid of the History Subject altogether. Easy Peasy! As long as you ignore the problem.

It maybe what it is, but it could be much much better. But not until we start exorcising these demons and start looking ourselves in the mirror instead of living in a psychotic fantasy land.

Facing up to facts has become hellishly difficult though, given that we've been feeding bullshit to our successive generations and when they find out that things are not as they were told, their whole world view implodes all over them.

Takes years to rebuild a more realistic world-view concerning Pakistan .... it's counter-productive really.