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On the so-called "treachery" of PML-Nawaz Sharif

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Lawyers didn’t consult for Dharna. Nawaz Sharif

Islamabad sit-in ..Lawyers slam PML-N’s indecision

First of all, I think the Lawyer's Movement for Rule of Law needs to get away from the concept of the ONE DHARNA TO RULE THEM ALL. It is a dangerous way of looking at things and it will only help bring things to a head in a way which will be counter productive.

I am in favor of slow and steady, continuous struggle for the cause, which is Rule of Law!

Regarding Nawaz Sharif statements, like I've been saying all along, NS had the benefit of the 'easy street' on account of not being in the tough spot of having to make choices. We are beginning to see the choices being made now. And we don't like it.

Although, to expect 'revolutionary' politics from Nawaz Sharif would be a little naive. He is bound by the dynamics of his class in what is essentially a class conflict coming to a head.

What surprised me more than NS's statement were the statements of Kh. Saad Rafique the other day. Whatever happened to the "Young Turks" ??? Javed Hashmi is nowhere to be seen these days on the talk circuit, Saad Rafique is sounding like Farzana Raja as Kanjar Haiwan triumphantly "shakes hands" with him on National TV!!!

I have a feeling that after returning from our "laazivaal dost" aka China the Reptilian Infidel, one Qazi Hussain ahmed will also be a "changed man". I think Qazi and his entourage of Qazi look-alikes (why DOES liaqat baloch look disturbingly like Qazi Hussain Ahmed anyway?) are getting a verbal chittrol of their lives from the Communist Party Bosses.

China DOES NOT Want a dangerously right-tilted Pakistan which could appear if the Qazi-Gul-Taliban-Fazlu nexus gets its way by leveraging the Lawyers Movement.

So. Imran Khan stands alone once again. Lawyers at this point should go ahead with the dharna AS THEY want to do it... not to do grandiose things, not to make Islamabad Tehran 2.0, but just to make the point. To make the point that no matter how many of their previous fellow travellers change sides or decide to go sit on the fence yet once again, the underlying truth of their JUST CAUSE will never change!

And before we start whining about the treachery of PML-N, we should once again consider the corrosive effects of family ownership of political parties in pakistan. We are once again face to face with another decision which comes about NOT because it is the decision of the party members (let alone the wish of the people) but because a certain family that controls (owns?) the party cannot let its own interest go neglected any longer.

Another gentle reminder to us all, that without holding certain basic ground rules to be sacred, we will NEVER make any progress, and will forever be doomed to be dissappointed by decisions made by parties in the interests of families who run them as business ventures and not as politicial associations for the benefit of the workers and people at large.

One such basic truth we cannot turn away from anymore is grassroots democracy and a general culture of transparent, democratic decision making in all political parties of Pakistan

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Rabia said...

i haven't really been following the lawyer's movement that closely but your guess of what the chinese said to qazi is interesting... I wonder if that is true.

great blog, btw.

Tazeen said...

absolutely loved this post.

I wish i was the proverbial fly on the wall when chinese were giving an earful to Qazi Sahib and his look a likes