Friday, January 30, 2009

Some random thoughts for The Lawyers' Movement

I'm glad CJ Iftikhar knocked some sense into the hot-heads in the lawyers march committee. He had to be the one to say that "This is a movement for Rule of Law" and not for a person. Though this particular person (CJ Iftikhar M. Ch.) represents, IMO, the movement by being the lightening rod for the movement to come together.

The movement needs more than just demands to restore the CJ. The movement needs to have concrete proposals in the form of 'nukaat' which should make the core of the demands of the lawyers' movement.

To expect the CJ to fix every issue once he is restored is to again put our eggs in one personal basket. There should be concrete proposals/demands to be met by government in the form of legislation. These demands should supplant the wishy/washy demand of "cheef justice ko bahal karo"

The sleazy politicians will try to weasle out of fixing the system once IMC is restored. It is the system of independent Judiciary which is the real threat to the FeudoCracy that rules our hapless nation.

IMC just "happened to be" some judge "who said NO!", for every IMC there are 10 Dogars and Hakims waiting to svck some serious d!ck for the right price.

To invest our wishes and hopes for a better Pakistan in the arbitrary (and occasionally capricious) whims of a judge AGAIN is naive (fvcking stupid actually) in the extreme!

So, we need a set of concrete demands -- which can be implemented as bills -- at the core of the "Lawyers' Movement for Rule of Law" along with the general demand of restoration of CJ.

Otherwise, there will be another 9th march and we'll still be bitching and moaning about yet another promise not kept by yet another idiot politician who will protest wholeheartedly that he's stuck to the promise he made 'literally'.

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karachi khatmal said...

thats the problem in pakistan though - the personality subsumes the institution...

i think its because we as a people want someone to the job for us, and not do it ourselves. so we invest everything in one person, to take the responsibility off ourselves.

Adnan said...

Please, also take a look at the other side of what the lawyers' movement really was. It is always good to be impartial than parital.