Sunday, January 4, 2009

Arrest of Mumtaz Bhutto. Beginning of the end ?

This is the end.
My friend.
The END.


Ayesha said...

Completely agree! This is the beginning of the end indeed.

Some remarked that Zardari may reduce the PPP to a paltry regional Sindhi party...but as it turns out he's not even bright enough for that.....

Taban Khamosh said...

Given his track record of running things into ground, this was sort of expected. It may indicate that he is under immense pressure.

The problem is that Pakistani nation seems to be on the losing end once again.

All thanks to a perpetual undemocratic culture within our political parties who make NO attempt whatsoever to democratize the processes of party leadership choice and internal decisionmaking critical to survival of democracy itself.

Ayesha said...

Yes, must agree again. Some of us brought this up with Aitzaz who was in London a couple of months ago. And though I am a huge fan of Aitzaz (wrote at length supporting him and would still like to see him at the helm more than anyone else on Pakistan's political firmament, i was nevertheless rather disappointed by his response: he said, when the military becomes democratic in deciding on its leadership, maybe the political parties can too. After all the military has ruled Pakistan longer than the civilians?!?

Taban Khamosh said...

That is indeed sad news! If a constitutionalist like Aitezaz thinks like this than we're doomed!