Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Dogar’s Daughter Awarded Higher Grades | Pakistan Politics

Dogar’s Daughter Awarded Higher Grades | Pakistan Politics

Well, I'm not surprised. Are you? Kudos to Ansar Abbasi for the hard hitting, investigative journalism that seems to be sorely lacking in the Pakistani media.

This is the same judge who stood by a military dictator, who gained exorbitant loans illegaly, at ridiculously low rates (8.9 million?) And not to mention the prime land that he was bribed with for his heinous and illegal support of the illegal regime of Musharraf and his illegal and treasonous acts of Nov 3rd 2007.

What else can be expected from a daughter who has such an illustrious a father! One thing that our kleptocrats fail to recognize is that History will NEVER FORGIVE them! Just like history has not forgiven Judas, Mir Jaffer and Mir Saadiq types, it will never forget the likes of Musharraf, Zia, Dogar and Zardari.

From Ansar Abbasi's Article:
In indecent haste and under direct written orders of the chairman FBISE, relaxing and violating all rules and even some judgments of the Supreme Court, the FSc result of student Farah Hameed Dogar was jacked up from 640 marks in Grade 'C' to 661 marks in Grade 'B', thus making her eligible to apply for admission into any medical college in the country.

Documentary evidence available with The News, background interviews and on the record discussions with concerned officials of the FBISE establish that the Islamabad Board went out of its way in the case of Farah Hameed Dogar by fast forwarding the entire process of re-checking, re-assessing and even re-marking her examination papers to her advantage and superceding thousands of other candidates who had obtained marks between 642 and 660.

However, the documents reveal, that on September 13, the examiner of English paper Munir Hussain Anjum of F G College for Men, H-9 Islamabad, reassessed the paper and increased the marks from the previous 58 to 67; the examiner of Urdu paper Dr Ale-Azhaur Aanis of F G Sir Syed College Rawalpindi reassessed the paper and increased the marks from the previous 62 to 67; and the examiner of Physics paper Ejaz Ahmad in his re-assessment increased the marks from the previous 32 to the pre sent 38.

After this extraordinary addition of numbers after re-marking, the file moved upward from one desk to the higher desk and reached the chairman's office for approval. The recommendation for the chairman was: 'Due to above change, marks have been enhanced and result position will be of 661 marks instead of previous 640 marks. The case is forwarded for consideration marks and having approval of enhancement of marks from 640 to 661 in relaxation of existing rules (Vol-II) as directed, please.'

And it's not like the PM House, or other higher ups did not try to influence the management of Jang group and or the correspondent. What goddamned shame! What a nation of vultures we are.

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