Wednesday, November 26, 2008

11.26.208 The Mumbai Attacks

Call me crazy but I think this is payback for India fucking around in Afghanistan and stoking the fires in Western Pakistan. The last straw was probably the attack on Islamabad Marriott and I think it maybe ISI hitting back at the Indian economic interests because India has directly undermined Pakistan's economic interests by giving support to the Faux-Taliban in Pukhtunkhwa and the Baloch Liberation Army in Balochistan.

I'm of the conspiratorial opinion that the US and India are trying to break off a corridor in the west of Pakistan which they will use for Caspian transit pipelines. The pressure on Pakistan has increased after Russia put its foot down in Georgia. These attacks may be a reminder to the indians that we all sink or swim together? I dunno... this sounds fishy. I mean "Deccan Mujahiddin" !!!! give me a friggin break!

Here is a link to the Bloomberg article, and some excerpts below:

Tourism, Investment

The attacks may impact on tourism, which climbed 10 percent in the first nine months of the year to 3.87 million visitors, generating $8.8 billion in revenue, according to government figures. Foreign direct investment into the country more than doubled between April and August to $14.6 billion.

Obviously, they wouldn't hit western interests directly, ie Bangalore because that would bring down the hammer from their masters, erm, allies i.e., The United States and the other western gangster powers.

FDI increased to 14.6 billion eh? at the same time when Pakistan is about to fucking default because no-one wants to invest there anymore because... wait for it.... yes... because of suspicious terrorist activity which seems to be coordinated by the Indians.

Seriously, WHAT.THE.FUCK is India thinking? I think they're thinking exactly what the fucking morons in Zia's regime thought in the 80's, ie; there won't be any blowback even if they fucked up their neighbour to the west.

I think that FAT FUCK kissinger was right when he said that being America's friend is worse than being on it's shitlist. I believe India thinks it just made a new friend recently... no?

P.S. Marvi Memon can suck my dick any fucking day.

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anoop said...

You are a moron to suggest India stage-managed Mumbai attacks.