Sunday, November 30, 2008

Best ways to react to India's '9/11' |

Best ways to react to India's '9/11' |

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Both India and Pakistan know their abilities to uplift their poor would be hurt by another distracting confrontation. And with so many recent terrorist attacks within each country by a range of groups with grievances, the two nations need to find common ground. India now sees that a majority of Pakistanis are against global jihadists. And after this latest attack, it has every right to ask for information from Pakistan's military about likely groups behind the Mumbai assault, which may include Lashkar-i Tayyaba. If Pakistan's military does not cooperate with their civilian leaders, the US needs to use its leverage over that military and help India gain the reassurance that all Pakistani forces will not condone any sort of terrorism.

The last thing the world needs now is a unilateral attack by India on suspected terrorists inside Pakistani-held territory. While such an attack may seem morally similar to US attacks against Al Qaeda and the Taliban inside Pakistan, the history of war between the two neighbors – three since 1947 – would argue against such provocative action that could lead to nuclear war.

Amen brother!

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