Friday, May 16, 2008

Zardari to Pakistanis "Establishment Khappay!!"

In response to a question about Zardaro's response to "Pakistan na khappay" as 'proof' that he's working in larger interest of Pakistan.


“why ppp’s guys play guilt game that zardari saved the country from breaking. ”

Just saw ur comment:

I dunno.. I guess these are the last straws they’re clutching at. The fact is, Zardari has shown himself to be a petty political animal but not a statesman and a visionary leader. Benazir was halfway there, but at least she learned one thing from Bhutto Sb. and that was to read the mood of the public.

Zardari on the other hand, has NEVER DONE populist politics. He always stayed under the gigantic shadow of BB, was looked at by suspicion by the (now old guard) big-dogs / workers and was kept away from party politics as much as possible precisely for these reasons.

I consider him as a “neo conservative” par-excellence in the Pakistani context. His father did leftits politics.. and paid the price along with the rest of NAP, ANP blah blah .. but Zardari, if you see the arc of _his_ life.. showed a non-political, non-populist streak.. he showed a “going away” from the people. This was another reason he was “picked” as a stud to inseminate the great Bhutto mare, but to stay away and out of her way.. on her way to Destiny.

Now fate has brought him to this juncture. Some people even suggest his hand was in it. In any case, the cry “Pakistan na Khappay” was more like “This kind of Pakistan na khappay!” .. and the PPP and Sindhi’s are still on that path. Something Zardari now refuses to accept as he gets comfortable in the “AaaGhosh” of the faujistanic-establishment and assumes a fetal position and starts to suck his thumb calling out mommy! mommy! every 5 seconds…

Zardari couldn’t save Pakistan if he wanted to. Actually what he is doing is taking Pakistan towards balkanization.. The opposite is the crap that the Americans have been feeding him… He’s a weakling… so we see Americans having to meet him every two days to ’stabilize his spine’ because he has no vision, no principle, no ideology and the Americans have to keep working on him.. otherwise he’ll go and do another “Wadi-e-Neelam Accord”

So, NO, Zardaro didn’t save Pakistan. Half the people who claim to be shrill supporters of Zardaro these days are actually MQM media cell people. You can tell from the heinous manner in which they carry on with their slash-n-burn “discourse”.. Most of the PPP workers are in hiding at the despicable behaviour of their “shareek chairman”..

The fact the Peja and Fahim23 are not posting as much these days but SadSack and Poof747 (who under different ID’s probably justified mass murder by Moshe Qatil Movement in earlier times) are now the flag bearers of Zardari Bachao Movement, should tell us the kind of company Mr. Zee is willing to keep.

Rehmaan Dacoit to keep the peace in Liyari
Rehmaan Dakeet to keep the peace in the Land.

Need I say more?

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Muhammad said...

I think its just your Bias against PPP and its leadership.

it was Zardari who choose NOT to be become PM when he had every Right and oppertunity to become PM.

It was Zardari who spend 11 years in a Jail with out any proven Conviction.

It was Zardari who said 'Pakistan Khappay' when all Sindh was shoutting "Na khappay Na Khappay Pakistan Na Khappay"

It was Zardari {and PPP} who never supported any Army General in Uniform. {can anyone else make this claim}

it was Zardari who was tortured by the ISI/establishment in Jail but he refused to surrender.

It was Zardari who remained royal to his wife inspite of all the offeres of Bribe to him.

its was Zardarileadership in whome People of Pakistan has trusted and voted for.

Its PPP who stood first in the elections inspite of all the media trial and bias articles like this.