Thursday, May 22, 2008

“What makes you think there is no establishment? ”

Quoth the Raven...

Well I think there isn’t one in the sense that an “establisment” is more like the “roots” of a country and the pillers (trunks) of state grow out of it. The establishment is the class which is the real beneficiary but it also leaves enough for the nation to be healthy enough to do the wealth creation.

I always try to distinguish ours as “a suicidal kleptocracy” instead of an ‘establishment’. An establishment is a class that despite being rich identifies with the land, values being ‘the dominant player” in the land on a permanent basis. But the necessary condition for such a class is an identity and for that identity to be in line with the nation and it’s aspirations.

You are right in saying that they have permanent interests but temporary allies and the characterization of moshe is apt. But what I’d like to add here is that for a country the size of Pakistan (population, demographics, geo-graphics, resources) the conditions are right to have a indigenous National Establishment which actually does not compete to the death with the 99.99999% of the population for the dwindling resources, rather, it is a shepherd of these masses.

What _we_ have is a “remote controlled kleptocracy” which does not believe in the BS it shoves down every 1st grader’s throat. A kleptocracy that uses identity as a vehicle for stealing and robbing the people. A kleptocracy which knows quite well how un-sustainable it’s policies are. Therefore it keeps its own nest eggs in safe bank accounts in Switzerland while OUR banking system goes to hell in a handbasket.

What we have is more akin to a 'colonist' gang which still maintains a net flow of wealth out of the the country at the behest of those (foreigners) it needs to maintain it’s legitimacy and power at home (as it doesn’t draw it’s power from the people, on the contrary, it is suspicious and contemptuous of them).

Also, this group we mistakenly call our “establishment” is lazy. It is incompetent. It leaves the hard work of strategizing to the foreigners. It is not the foreigners who “go along” as you mentioned in your response to @peja, rather, it is the kleptocracy that does not take any steps unless it is ordered by it’s foreign bosses. Obviously there are pockets of nationalism and some semblance of self respect.. but in general, this class is a mercenary class which fulfills the objectives of the foreign powers through its crimes of commission and more importantly omission.

So that is why I say we have no Establishment in the sense that nations do eg UK, US, India, Japan, China, Russia, France. What we have here is a Kleptocracy which is suicidal due to its own ignorance and laziness. A closer (IMO) equivalent of Mush is probably Hosni Mobarak or one of those FAKE “monarchs” of Arabia.

Funny you mentioned Russia. I consider moshe to be more akin to Yeltsin. Completely under the sway of the foreginers.. and not really paying attention to the carrion eating that was going on as the dogs ripped apart mother russia.

Putin seems to have brought some semblance of order back to russia. He put those 12 thieves (wonder who provided the seed money for these simple college professors and professionals — now worth billions each) in line and he DID have the russian establishment at his back. You see, the establishment is a slower moving creature than even the revolutions.. (I think) … so it survived the purges and put a new garb on for 80 or so years. But it identifies with Russia. It makes Russia its permanent playground, a land with which it rises and falls, it lives and dies.

Our kanjars don’t consider our beautiful country anything more than their dead mother off of whose bones they can rip some more flesh off to drag into their foreign dens. They do not identify with this land (call it Pakistan, Abaseen, Land of Indus whatever) .. They are not “established” here, neither in body nor spirit, and therefore they are NOT “the establishment”.

At best they are kleptocratic mercenaries brave enough to rob their own motherland. They are for sale. on really cheap prices. They sell our honour and our inheritance for a few shekels.

I would welcome an establishment, as it is in the vested interest of an “establishment” to make sure it’s chattel are well fed and well clothed, well employed so they can create more and more wealth for it. What we have is just a group of degenerate thieves who ought to be purged and their properties confiscated at the first opportunity.

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