Saturday, May 3, 2008

The Future Part II - "Things to Come"

While we are busy trying to get the judiciary restored as STEP ZERO, great things are afoot!

  • Italy has a new fascist outlook (Burlesconi is back, Rome has a neo-fascist mayor)
  • london just "elected" a conservative mayor.
  • France already has a neo-con zionist President (whose "hungarian father" just happens to be a jew)
  • Screws are tightening in Syria.
  • Iran is being given the final rites, being lulled in thinking OH THEY'LL NEVER!
  • Pakistan is witness to a make or break fight - Moshe Kutyaan is fighting a desperate battle to secure the interests of the foreigners.
  • Democrats are being made to dissipate their victory in the primaries.. Obama's momentum is lost and he's losing quickly.. Hillary will go as "independent" if she doesn't get the nomination. The unthinkable and weird may happen and John "bomb bomb bom eye-ran" McCain may actually win??
  • Maybe Moshe is trying to hang on by the skin of his teeth till an unexpected Republican win?

I think the ducks are being lined up for the next phase of the "great game" ... the breakup of Pakistan will commence in earnest as soon as McCain is elected. By taking a dive and denying a really populist leader like Obama, the Clintons will ensure their entry into the American Establishment (yes.. it takes THAT much to be part of the American establishment) and also the Carlyle Group (Which by the way will have plenty of money because of all the new wars they are planning).

Our "Democratic Forces" are a bunch of pu$$ies and they are not going to stand their ground. Kiyani will be the new Martial Law administrator, and the new jurnails are going to Rule pakistan for 20 years Burma Style.

All they need is an excuse. And a certain chooran devi and his demons will provide any kind of service that is necessary (in return for the coastal strip of Pakistan all the way to Gawadar -- which US/UK will recognize posthaste).

Isn't it fun being chums ???

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Anonymous said...

Is the author of this article on drugs? Looks like a production of Schizophrenia after marijuana usage.

Those who believe in conspiracy theories, they are weak and cannot face the bitter realities of life especially their own faults.