Saturday, September 20, 2008

Pakistani Media: Confusing the FUCK out of people every time we need these fuckers the most!

The headline says 15kg of explosives. Just 2 items down it says 1000 kg. How in the fuck you mix up 15 kg with 1000 kg can only be understood if you realize that most pakistani print media consist of rabbit brained dickwads who don't have the fucking common sense to do bare minimum checks on the goddamned garbage that they keep printing.

Fucking idiots! (oh and some are claiming it is Pakistan's 9-11) ... yeah and Pakistan will deal with it in it's customary be-ghairat fashion. Half the idiots will claim we need to negotiate with the taliban because they are cute and cuddly koala bears who are just misunderstood. One guy called Imran Khan will claim this wasn't happening until 2004, so it must not be happening now either. 80% of illiterates known as 'the educated people' will applaud this non-sensical stand and get in line to give immi-bhai a handjob while making jokes about the muhajir chauvanists lining up nearby to give altaa-bhai a similar handjob.

Zardari will spew more bullshit, the other 50 percent will blame it on not following Islam rigourously enough and resolve to grow their unkempt beards even longer.

Islamabad Mariott Blast 9-20-2008 sep 20, 2008 (GIF Image, 500x671 pixels)


nota said...

Hope you caught Zardari's performance after the attack

nota said...

(BTW: Hope you recognize the voice of Dr. Shahid Masood helping him out)